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CPM Focus Group on Communications

The CPM Focus Group on Communications reviews and updates the IPPC Communications Strategy (2022-2030) to align with the IPPC Strategic Framework 2020-2030 and continue raising awareness of the importance of plant health and the role of the IPPC and provide related advocacy.

Membership: The FG is composed of up to 12 members with relevant skills and experience in communications and knowledge of the IPPC as well as related activities of the IPPC Community.

Functions: The focus group is tasked to:

  1. Provide guidance on and lead the development of the IPPC Communications Strategy (2022- 2030) including identification of communications objectives, target audiences, key messages, channels, tools, resources, and key performance indicators.
  2. Support implementation of the Communications Strategy at the global, regional and national levels;
  3. Propose and, as appropriate, develop initiatives and campaigns to raise global awareness of, and provide advocacy related to, plant health and the work of the IPPC Secretariat among selected target audiences, including internal and external stakeholders, and the general public;
  4. Elaborate and if appropriate propose procedures and processes on how to plan IPPC communication activities and their implementation for future international days of plant health;
  5. Ensure that IPPC contracting parties, Regional Plant Protection Organizations, the IPPC Secretariat and representatives of relevant FAO divisions, other international organizations and major donors are actively engaged to help ensure they contribute to the planning and implementation of the IPPC Communication Strategy;
  6. Identify, solicit and help to mobilize resources for the implementation of the IPPC Communication Strategy;
  7. Monitor the implementation of the IPPC Communications Strategy against its key performance indicators;
  8. Perform other related functions as required.

Doc # Agenda # العنوان Files Publication date
VM_2022_10_12_Report 12 En 25 أكتوبر 2022
CPM Focus Group on Communications - Terms of Reference En
VM_2021_09_03_Report 01 En
VM_2021_09_15_Report 02 En
VM_2021_09_28_Report 03 En
VM_2021_10_27_Report 04 En
VM_2021_11_15_Report 05 En
CPMFG COMMS 15 Report En 13 فبراير 2023
VM_2021_12_09_Report 06 En
VM_2022_01_20_Report 07 En
VM_2022_08_01_Report 10 En
VM_2022_08_25_Report 11 En
CPMFG COMMS 13 Report En 22 نوفمبر 2022
VM_2022_14_12_Report 14 En 20 يناير 2023

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