IPPC Secretariat Evaluations

Following requests by the IPPC contracting parties, the IPPC Secretariat has been subject to two independent evaluations.

In 2007, the FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) conducted the Independent Evaluation of the Workings of the International Plant Protection Convention and its Institutional Arrangements. This was an extended exercise that included, in addition to the analysis of the relevance and effectiveness of IPPC’s work at global and national level, also the assessment of the structure and role of the Secretariat. The outcome of such evaluation is available in the 2007 Evaluation Report, available in the publications section below, along with the FAO response. The Evaluation Report was analyzed during the Ninth meeting of CPM Informal Working Group on Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance (SPTA) in October 2007 and the group’s responses to the Evaluation Report are summarized in the Appendix 1 to the SPTA report. Conclusions of SPTA discussions were presented to the next meeting of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-3 in April 2008), and resulted in the adoption of an action plan in response to the by the CPM (Appendix 2 to the CPM-3 report).

At its Ninth session in April 2014, IPPC Contracting Parties agreed, after discussing a proposal of draft Terms of Reference (ToR), to launch a new evaluation of the IPPC Secretariat, aimed at identifying how to strengthen its performance in view of the emerging challenges, including the enhanced focus on the implementation of the Convention itself. The CPM asked the support of FAO OED for carrying out the exercise. Accordingly, OED managed and supported the evaluation, including the identification of the evaluation team, which comprised three international consultants who as a group, met the skills and competences identified by the CPM as required for the assignment.

The Evaluation was carried out in the period September-December 2014, with the final report due for presentation at the CPM-10 in March 2015.


Doc # Agenda # العنوان Files Publication date
International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation 2015-02 Report (2015-02)IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation Report (2015-02)IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation Annexes 1-5 Report (2015-02)IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation Annex 6 18 فبراير 2015
2007 Evaluation Report Link 19 يناير 2015
2007 Evaluation - FAO response Link 19 يناير 2015
2007 SPTA report Link 19 يناير 2015
CPM-3 (2008) Report - see Appendix 2 Link 19 يناير 2015

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