Subsidiary Body on Dispute Settlement

The Third Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures established the SBDS in 2005. It manages the CPM’s dispute settlement system to assist contracting parties with phytosanitary dispute settlement.

The Subsidiary Body consists of seven members, one from each of the FAO Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Near East, North America, and Southwest Pacific.


  • provides guidance to the Secretariat and disputing parties in selecting dispute resolution methods, and may help with consultation, good offices, mediation or arbitration
  • proposes nominations for independent experts in IPPC Expert Committee procedures where disputing parties cannot agree on experts proposed by the Secretariat
    approves reports of Expert Committees, including verification of all points in Expert Committee procedures
  • undertakes other functions, including i) helping the Secretariat with requests from WTO or other organizations, ii) reporting on IPPC dispute settlement activities as well as dispute settlement activities by other organizations that have implications for the phytosanitary community, and iii) identifying appropriate experts

The IPPC Secretariat provides administrative, and technical support for the SBDS, and is responsible for reporting and record keeping regarding dispute settlement activities.