2012 February - Call for Experts

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat is soliciting nominations for appropriately qualified experts to take part in the Technical panel for phytosanitary treatments (TPPT), Technical panel on diagnostic protocols (TPDP) and Technical panel for the glossary (TPG). Nominations are due 1 June 2012.

Specific expertise required

1. Expertise required for the TPPT (see Specification Technical Panels No. 3 rev. 2)

Two experts for five-year terms beginning in 2012 with expertise in phytosanitary treatments for wood packaging material or fruit flies
Two experts for five-year terms beginning in 2013 with expertise in phytosanitary treatments for soil and growing media or fruit flies.

    2. Expertise required for the TPDP (see Specification for Technical Panels No. 1, Rev. 3)

    Two experts for five-year terms beginning in 2012 with specific expertise in the following disciplines:

    • virology and backup for bacteriology, with quality assurance experience
    • invertebrates, primarily in entomology, with expertise in molecular diagnostic techniques, experience in quality assurance, and preferably with experience with barcoding.

    The experts should also have general expertise as described in the specification. This could include practical expertise in the one or more of the following as relevant: morphological and/or molecular/biochemical diagnostic techniques; phytosanitary procedures.

    3. Expertise required for the TPG (see Specification for Technical Panels No. 5)

    Four experts for five-year terms beginning in 2012 for the languages Arabic, French, Chinese and English.

    In addition to strong language skills for the relevant language, the experts should have a solid understanding of phytosanitary systems and terms and participate on an ongoing basis in the work of the panel. Working knowledge of other FAO languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or Russian) should be indicated.

    Instructions for making nominations

    For complete instructions, please refer to the call letter posted below. Nominations will be accepted from governments, National or Regional Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs or RPPOs). Nominations should be submitted through the respective NPPO or RPPO Contact Point and self nominations should be supported by an accompanying letter from a government authority.

    Submissions should be sent to the IPPC Secretariat by e-mail (ippc@fao.org) no later than 1 June 2012.

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