IC Sub-group Sea Container Task Force (SCTF)

This page is dedicated to the IC Sub-group Sea Containers Task Force (SCTF), which supervises the implementation of actions contained in the Complementary Action Plan for Assessing and Managing the Pest Threats Associated with Sea Containers, under the oversight of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC).

The SCTF follows the IC Sub-group Rules of Procedure (ROP), posted on the IC Sub-groups & Teams page and their Terms of Reference (TOR) as available in the below table.

For detailed information on the IPPC community activities, CPM and Subsidiary Bodies decisions, as well as different materials aimed to facilitate and support the reduction of the pest risks associated with the movement of sea containers, please visit Sea Containers page.

This web page was last updated on 2020-11-23. For further information please contact [email protected].

Title Files Publication date
Sea Containers Task Force 2019 Work Plan En 18 Sep 2019
Terms of Reference of the Sea Containers Task Force (SCTF) (As approved by the IC November 2018 meeting) En 01 Feb 2019
The Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) 2018 Work Plan with Action Items En 15 Jun 2018
Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) Multiyear Plan as Approved by the IC 2019 May Meeting En 15 Jun 2018
Sea Container Task Force - Nominee Details and Summary of Expertise En 10 May 2020
Sea Container Task Force - Statement of Commitment of a Nominee En 10 May 2020
IPPC Guidelines on Sea Container Surveys for NPPOs
04 Nov 2019
Call for Experts En
Sea Containers Task Force - Generic Presentation En 04 Nov 2019
Sea Containers Task Force 2020 Work Plan En 18 Feb 2020
Report of the Second Meeting of the IPPC Sea Containers Task Force En 11 Jan 2019
Report of the First Meeting of the IPPC Sea Containers Task Force En Zh
16 Jan 2018
Report of the Third Meeting of the IPPC Sea Containers Task Force En 27 Nov 2019
Findings from the 2019 Sea Container Questionnaire on Monitoring of Sea Container Cleanliness En 29 Nov 2019
SCTF Membership List En 25 May 2021
Minutes of SCTF virtual meeting October 2020 En 13 Jan 2021
Sea Containers Task Force 2021 Work plan En 10 Mar 2021
Report of the 4th Meeting (January 2021 Virtual) of the IPPC Sea Containers Task Force En 25 Mar 2021

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