IC Team on Tropical Race 4 (TR4)

Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) Team on Fusarium TR4 was established to address the emerging issue of the banana Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense, Tropical Race 4 (TR4). TR4 is a pathogen that causes wilting of banana plants, with Cavendish varieties being the most commercially planted and the most susceptible ones. TR4 also may affect banana materials of economic and food safety importance as Gross Michel, Silk, Pisang awake, Abaca, ‘Maqueño’ and Pome.
TR4 is a fungus that survives in the soil for many years through reproductive structures called chlamydospores, without a host plant. Also can be present as an endophyte in several non-host plants, including weeds. When the disease symptoms become visible in banana plants, the pathogen is already spread inside the plant, and there is no effective treatment against it. Once TR4 enters a new area, it is technically not feasible to eradicate it. The best protection approach is to prevent its appearance with appropriate phytosanitary measures. TR4 is considered a quarantine pest in several countries and is an issue of global concern. Under IPPC’s lead, the IC team on Fusarium TR4 brings together a group of experts from all over the world who meet regularly to discuss TR4 prevention, preparedness and response outbreak issues. The team has several tasks:

• Compile and access all currently available documents related to TR4.

• Develop global prevention, preparedness and response materials for implementation and capacity development.

• Deliver training on diagnosis, inspection, and surveillance of TR4.

• Establish and maintain linkages and collaboration within FAO, IPPC Community, RPPOs, International Trade Organizations and other agencies as required.

Title Files Publication date
2021 Update of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) En 05 Nov 2021
Banana fusarium wilt in Kenya made by Sospeter Gachamba En 05 Nov 2021
Panama TR4 Program By Rhiannon Evans (AU) En 05 Nov 2021
TR4 Presentation made by Chris Dale (AU) En 05 Nov 2021
TR4 presentation made by Gert Kema (NL) En 05 Nov 2021
TR4 Training and Prevention in West Africa made by Morag Webb (BE) En 05 Nov 2021
Updates on the activities performed on Foc TR4 in Lebanon made by Wassim Habib En 05 Nov 2021
Minutes of the 1st meeting of the IC Team on TR4 En 05 Nov 2021
Membership List En 11 Sep 2021
Terms of Reference (ToR) IC Team on Tropical Race 4 (TR4) En 13 Sep 2021
Minutes of the 4th meeting of the IC Team on TR4 En 07 Feb 2022
Minutes of the 2nd meeting of the IC Team on TR4 En 20 Dec 2021
Minutes of the 3rd meeting of the IC Team on TR4 En 17 Jan 2022

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