Development of Guides and Training Materials

The development of Implementation and Capacity Development Guides and Training Materials follows a documented process that is designed to be open, transparent and inclusive. This process assists in the development of high quality and consistent guides and training materials that are targeted to meet specific needs identified by the IPPC community.

Topics for the development of new implementation resources and the revision of existing implementation resources should be submitted by NPPOs and RPPOs through the Call for Topics. In exceptional circumstances, the IC or SC may also submit topics.

Submissions for topics should be accompanied by a completed submission form for the proposed guide or training material. The submission form should include and a proposed Draft Outline, a review of the relevant literature and a justification demonstrating that the proposed topic meets the CPM-approved criteria for topics and why it should be considered a priority.

After the call closes, the Secretariat will compile the list of proposed work programme topics from the received submissions and post them on the IPP. The Task Force on Topics (TFT) will screen the submitted topics against established criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics and develop recommendations to the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) for in depth review.

After evaluating the entire list of submissions and associated recommendations, the IC will recommend topics for the development of implementation resources and suggest an associated position in the Framework for Standards and Implementation. The Task Force on Topics will then prepare recommendations and priorities to the recommendations to be presented to the CPM for adoption. The CPM considers the recommendations of the Task Force on Topics and decides which topics will be added to the list of topics.

The following Implementation and Capacity Development Guides and Training Materials are currently under development:

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