Development of an e-Learning on phytosanitary export certification system (2020-003)

An e-Learning to support the implementation of ISPM 7 and ISPM 12 (2020-003)

This e-Learning is developed in the frame of the “FAO support to COMESA trade facilitation programme” (GCP/INT/387/COM). E-learning materials on phytosanitary export certification system will mainly help support the implementation of the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 7 Phytosanitary certification system and ISPM 12 Phytosanitary certificates. An IPPC Guide to export certification system already exists however as a complement a new e-learning is necessary which will take benefit of the recent progress of the Information Technology, e.g. by being user-friendly and interactive. Also the e-Learning will take in account the impact of the recent development of the phytosanitary electronic certification (ePhyto solution) on the phytosanitary export certification system. By completing this e-Learning the NPPO of the Contracting Parties will be able to improve their phytosanitary export certification system with the objective to reduce the number of non-compliant consignments rejected at border posts.


The Process for the Development of IPPC Implementation and Capacity Development Guides and Training Materials outlines the stages, methods and processes that guide the development and revision of implementation resources under the auspices of the IPPC Secretariat.

Completed activities

2020-05: Call for experts to develop e-Learning materials on phytosanitary export certification system

2020-08: experts selected by the IC. Membership list is posted below.

2020-09: first virtual meeting of the Working Group of experts to develop e-Learning materials on phytosanitary export certification system.

Implementation and Capacity Development Committee Leads:

  • TBD

Implementation and Facilitation Unit Lead:

  • Mr Denis ALLEX
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Minutes of the WG to develop e-Learning Materials on Export Certification System En 23 Oct 2020

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