Development of a Guide to support implementation of ISPM 15 (2017-043)

A comprehensive guide to support the implementation of ISPM 15 (2017-043)

This IPPC guide will be a comprehensive manual that will improve understanding of ISPM 15 and support implementation of this standard. It will provide information on the phytosanitary measures that are used to manage pest risks associated with wood packaging material (WPM) moving in international trade and will describe the procedures needed to produce compliant WPM. The manual will provide specific information on treatment options for WPM and offer guidance to assist NPPOs with the review and approval of ISPM 15 treatment facilities and with monitoring treatments. The guide will also describe import controls, the process for identifying and reporting non-compliances.


The Process for the Development of IPPC Implementation and Capacity Development Guides and Training Materials outlines the stages, methods and processes that guide the development and revision of implementation resources under the auspices of the IPPC Secretariat.

Completed activities

2019-06: Call for experts, technical materials and contributions to ISPM 15 Implementation Resource

2020-06: Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) recommends merging the following three topics on the List of Implementation and Capacity Development Topics:

  • ISPM 15 treatment: Dielectric heat treatments, Guide (2012-015)
  • ISPM 15 treatment: Approval and monitoring of Heat treatment and dielectric heat treatment facilities, Guide (2017-043)
  • ISPM 15 Implementation guidelines for non-compliance, Guide (2018-012)

2020-06: Funding is secured and the ISPM 15 guide is added to the IPPC Secretariat workplan

2020-09: Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) selects experts to participate in the working group to develop the guide

2020-11: 1st working group meeting (VM01)

Implementation and Capacity Development Committee Leads:

  • Ms Faith Ngunde (KE)
  • Ms Stephanie BLOEM (US)

Implementation and Facilitation Unit Lead:

  • Ms Barbara PETERSON
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Membership list of the Working Group for the development of a Guide to support implementaiton of ISPM 15 (2017-043) En 25 Sep 2020
Minutes of the first meeting of the Working Group to develop a Guide to support implementation of ISPM 15 (2017-043) En 23 Nov 2020

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