Revision of Plant Pest Surveillance Guide (2017-049)

Published in October 2021:

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Revision of the Plant Pest Surveillance Guide (2017-049) includes the review and revision of the guide to help ensure it is in line with the newly adopted ISPM 6 (Surveillance).


This guide revision was supported by in-kind contribution of the Japan project (GCP/GLO/827/JPN).


2019-07 Working Group established by reactivating the expert group which worked on the development of this Guide

2019-08 Call for technical resources: IPPC Guide on Plant Pest Surveillance - Revision (2017-049)

2020-04 Call for case studies related to Plant Pest Surveillance Guide (2017-049)

Implementation and Capacity Development Committee Lead:

  • Lead: Mr Chris DALE (Australia)
  • Assistant Lead: Ms Ruth AREVALO MACIAS (Chile)

Working group members

  • Mr Pablo CORTESE (Argentina)
  • Mr Hernan ZETINA (Belize)
  • Mr Robert FAVRIN (Canada)
  • Ms Magda GONZÁLEZ ARROYO (Costa Rica)
  • Mr George MOMANYI (Kenya)
  • Mr Ringolds ARNITIS (Latvia)
  • Mr Paul STEVENS (New Zealand)
  • Mr Leroy WHILBY (United States)

IPPC Secretariat Lead:

  • Ms Masumi YAMAMOTO
  • Ms Natsumi YAMADA

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