Pest Risk Analysis

Pest risk analysis is an important tool for agriculture, trade, food security and the environment. This science-based process helps countries protect their plant resources from pests and fulfill their international obligations. Learn more in the presentations, videos and training materials here.

PRA & Safe Trade Video

PRA & Agriculture Video

PRA & Invasive Species Video

PRA & Technical Justification Video

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About these materials:

These materials were produced through the International Plant Protection Convention's (IPPC) Capacity Development Committee. These materials were produced with technical input from USDA-APHIS-CPHST-PERAL, further development by strategic communication experts and peer review from the International Advisory Group on Pest Risk Analysis and IPPC Capacity Development Committee. These materials are provided for information only and should not be considered a legal interpretation of the International Plant Protection Convention or its related documents.

The International Plant Protection Convention is an international agreement to protect wild and cultivated plants from pests. It is a recognized by the WTO-SPS Agreement as the standard-setting body for plant health. The IPPC has over 180 member countries, all of whom commit to prevent the introduction and spread of pests of plants. Pest risk analysis is key to fulfill this commitment. See the IPPC website for more information on this agreement and international standards on pest risk analysis.