Contributed resources (External resources)

Contributed resources are phytosanitary technical resources that were developed by National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs), Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) and other organizations for their own use and which are shared with the entire IPPC community.

Disclaimer: Resources on this page are not intended to be interpretations of ISPMs and terminology used may not be consistent with ISPM 5. Unless otherwise indicated resources, or pest distributions contained within them are not endorsed/adopted/agreed by the CPM nor developed under the auspices of the IPPC Secretariat.

Beyond compliance: Integrated systems approach for pest risk management (STDF/PG/328) (Standard and Trade Development Facility)

The Decision Support of Systems Approach tool applies a systems approach to Pest Risk management, developed through the Beyond Compliance Project. It is a framework for ranking the measurement of performance over a range of indicators, with the possibility of showing a range of opinions. The tool is divided into several sections.

  • Beyond compliance e-book Chapter 4 The Production Chain is a map of actions taken at various points along the time sequence of production of a plant product, generally going from planting to harvest. Graphic representation of activities to be used in a Systems Approach organised by stage (time and space), objective and type of measures, developed under the Beyond Compliance project (p. 63)
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This reference standard is a listing of terms and definitions with specific meaning for phytosanitary systems worldwide. It has been developed to provide a harmonized internationally agreed vocabulary associated with the implementation of the IPPC and ISPMs.