National Reporting Obligations Advisory Group (NROAG)

The 8th Session of the CPM (2013) agreed to review the National Reporting Obligations programme under the guidance of the National Reporting Obligations Advisory Body (NROAG). NROAG is composed of 11 representatives (from the regions and different IPPC statutory bodies) and the Secretariat.

The Group met in July 2014 for the first time and provided advice on NRO related issues. You can find the report from the meeting among the publications below. NROAG continues to work remotely in fulfilling the Terms of Reference as agreed by the CPM Bureau.

Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publication date
Report of the First Meeting of NROAG En 04 Nov 2014
NROAG 2014-07/12 Statistical data on the use of the IPP
13 Nov 2014
Terms of Reference NROAG En 18 Feb 2015

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