The NRO Year of Phytosanitary legislation

In July 2014, during the first meeting of the National Reporting Obligations Advisory Group, it was agreed that each year would be dedicated to a different national reporting obligation. As announced during CPM-12 the period starting in April 2017 and leading up to CPM-13 becomes the “NRO Year of Phytosanitary legislation”.

Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publication date
2017 letter to IPPC OCPs regarding NRO: Phytosanitary legislation En Es Fr Ru Ar 16 May 2017
NROs UPDATE 4(2) 2017 En Es Fr Ru Ar 14 Jul 2017
NROs UPDATE 4(1) 2017 En Es Fr Ru Ar 19 May 2017
NROs UPDATE 4(3) 2017 En Es Fr Ru Ar 26 Sep 2017
NROs UPDATE 4(4) 2017 En Es Fr Ru Ar 14 Nov 2017

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