Framework for Standards and Implementation

The Framework for Standards and Implementation is intended to serve as a database of existing standards, topics and other reference material in the context of the core provisions of the IPPC and to enable the identification of gaps as guidance for the development of standards and other material to support implementation.


Several Focus Groups have met over the years (2003, 2007 and 2011) to review and improve the IPPC Standard Setting Process. Reports from these meetings can be found here.

CPM-7 (2012) agreed on a set of decisions on improving the Standard Setting process, one of which was the development of a Framework for Standards. Since then, several task forces have been working on developing a draft and adjusting the scope of the document to also include implementation material.

In 2013, a task force (TF) for the Framework for Standards was established and a meeting was held in Ottawa, Canada. The TF developed a first draft of the Framework based on the core provisions of the Convention, against which the then existing standards and topics were compared and gaps identified. The TF also considered the results from several IRSS surveys, including the general survey 2012. Results from these IRSS surveys are posted as subpages of the IRSS webpage. The meeting report is posted below (2013-10-03).

The outcomes from the Ottawa meeting were discussed in the SPG 2014 and in the SC November 2013 meeting. The SC November 2013 established a subgroup of the SC to continue work on the development of the Framework for IPPC standards and a gap analysis.

The SC was urged by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) at CPM-9 (2014) to finalize the Framework for IPPC standards gap analysis and present it to the CPM once finalized. The SC established a subgroup to review and continue to develop the Framework for Standards, conduct a gap analysis and formulate terms of reference for finalization of the Framework, which was presented during the SC May 2014 meeting.

In August 2014, another meeting on the development of the IPPC Framework for standards was held in Costa Rica. The meeting report is posted below (2014-09-29). The experts proposed a new IPPC Framework for Standards and Implementation to reflect that gaps in the Framework could be suitably addressed by the production of either standards, implementation materials or CPM recommendations. This framework and other outcomes from the meeting were presented to the Bureau and SPG meetings in October and to the SC November 2014 meeting.

CPM-11 (2016) adopted the Framework for Standards and Implementation and endorsed the use of the Framework to record the standards and other tools for implementation that support and enable the implementation of the Convention and ISPMs to facilitate harmonization. This Framework includes standards and other tools that have been adopted or developed, are under development or are planned to be developed.

The Framework is a working document that is updated annually and maintained by the Secretariat, with responsibility for review and amendment resting jointly with the Standards Committee (SC) and the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC, previously CDC) and reviewed by SPG.

Since its adoption, the Framework has been reviewed and updated by the SC and the IC/CDC and updated versions endorsed by the CPM.

The current Framework for Standards and Implementation (endorsed by CPM-14 (2019)) is posted below.

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