Development of Standards

This page is the main root for the IPP subpages regarding the development of IPPC standards. It includes the subpages on:

List of topics,

Draft specifications,

Approved specifications,

Expert consultation on draft diagnostic protocols,

Draft ISPMs, translation resources,

IPPC online comment system,

Virtual tools,

The searchable PDF database. (various reports/documents saved in PDF)

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On this page, a number of annotated templates to guide experts in the drafting of specifications and ISPMs are available for download. This web page was last updated on 2015-07-28 by Eva Moller. If you find any incorrect information, please e-mail her at
Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publication date
Annotated template for phytosanitary treatments En 11 Nov 2016
Instruction to Authors Link 11 Nov 2016
Annotated template for draft specifications En Es Fr 29 Mar 2016
Annotated template for draft ISPMs En Es Fr 29 Mar 2016
Annotated template for adopted ISPMs (revised 2016-01-06) En 28 Jul 2015
IPPC style guide Link 04 Aug 2015

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