Department of Agriculture - Biosecurity

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The Australian Government Department of Agriculture is Australia^^s first line of defence, protecting our unique environment against exotic pests and diseases. We inspect incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of exports. Border and Compliance staff provide quarantine inspection for international passengers, cargo, mail, animals, plants and animal or plant products arriving in Australia, and inspection and certification for a range of agricultural products exported from Australia. Import and export inspection and certification is essential to maintaining Australia^^s highly favourable animal, plant and human health status and access to export markets. Quarantine controls at Australia^^s borders also minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases to protect Australia^^s agriculture industries and environment. Export inspection and certification contribute to Australia^^s meat, horticulture, grain, fish, dairy, organic and live animal export industries, worth an estimated $32 billion a year. Areas of the Department work with industry and trading partners to gain, improve and maintain market access for agricultural commodities, and AQIS participates in international forums to develop policies and standards for trade in food products.
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