Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

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IICA is the agency, of the Inter-American System, specializing in agriculture and rural welfare. Focuses its efforts towards achieving a competitive and sustainable agriculture in the Americas. Founded in 1942, has accumulated vast experience in technical cooperation in technology and innovation for agriculture, agricultural health and food safety, agribusiness, agricultural trade, rural development and training. 

Currently there are 34 countries member countries of America and the Caribbean here  are also 36 IICA offices distributed throughout the hemisphere, and working to respond to the needs of countries. 

IICA operates with a modern view on the challenges of agriculture, ranging from the effects of climate change on agricultural production to the urgent need to feed a growing world population, passing through the pressing need to create opportunities and jobs for men and women the field. 

IICA works very closely with the ministries of agriculture of its member countries. The highest authority if the Forum of Ministers of the sector, called the Inater-American Board of Agriculture - IABA - composed of the Ministers of Agriculture of its 34 member countries; it meets every two years. The Executive Committee consists of 12 member states, chosen on the basis of partial rotation and equitable geographical distribution, which meest annually. 

The General Directorate is the Institute's executive body, consisting of technical and administrative units through which it coordinates and implements institutional activities. IICA's Director General is elected by the IABA; he is currently Dr. Victor M. Villalobos, a Mexican national, for the period 2010-2014. 

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Mariela Madrigal
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