Phytosanitary Measures Research Group

The Phytosanitary Measures Research Group (PMRG) was initially established at the Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments (ECCT) in December 2013 as the Phytosanitary Temperature Treatment Expert Group (PTTEG). During 2015 the PTTEG advanced several phytosanitary assignments and had its first meeting in Nelspruit, South Africa, at which the name was changed to reflect the broadened scope of the group. This independent group is now named Phytosanitary Measures Research Group (PMRG): a forum where critical phytosanitary treatment issues can be addressed through discussion and collaborative research.

The mission of the PMRG is to “Harmonize research on phytosanitary treatments and other measures with application to international trade of horticultural commodities to support IPPC Technical Panels, plant protection organizations, and researchers.” The main functions of the group are:

a. liaise with the TPPT to support the development of international phytosanitary treatments to be considered and approved by the Standards Committee.

b. serve as a forum for discussion, information exchange, and clarification of key scientific issues related to phytosanitary treatment application in global trade.

c. provide scientific analysis and review of global phytosanitary treatment issues and new information.

d. identify and undertake collaborative scientific research aimed at high priority phytosanitary treatments.

e. liaise with the International Forestry Quarantine Research Group (IFQRG) to avoid duplication.

The group draws its membership from the scientific and research community, and the phytosanitary regulatory community. The PMRG currently has about 50 active members from a number of countries collaborating on research and analysis addressing phytosanitary issues. A summary of activities for 2015 can be found in the 2015 August PTTEG Meeting Report below, together with the terms of reference of the PMRG.

A series of new research areas was identified and discussed at the first meeting of the PMRG in 2015. These research areas include establishing databases for other treatments besides cold, developing commercially viable temperature-controlled atmosphere treatments, exploring modelling of treatments, phytosanitary systems, determining alternative to acute mortality endpoints for treatment efficacy, treatment of mixed loads, and novel treatment technologies.

If you are a researcher or regulator working in the area of phytosanitary treatments and want to be included in the group mailing list, please contact Joanne Wilson (

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