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"ONE IPPC" towards the International Year of Plant Health

Posted on Thu, 03 Sep 2015, 16:57

Message from the IPPC Secretary Dr. Jingyuan Xia

Dear Colleagues!

It is now a bit over three months since I accepted the honour and privilege to serve as the next IPPC Secretary. After taking my duty in May 2015, I have initiated the process of Strategic Planning on the IPPC and renewing of its Secretariat based on the recent Enhancement Evaluation to the IPPC Secretariat. The main goal of this action is to guide the IPPC and its Secretariat into a brighter future.

In order to be able to serve the IPPC and the CPM, the IPPC Secretariat needs to be an effective team and consequently the renewal of the IPPC Secretariat's structure and operational mechanism is essential to advance its performance and to generate achievements to the benefit of the IPPC contracting parties. The conclusions of the IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation and the implementation of its recommendations stand at the centre of this Secretariat's renewal. The first steps have been already undertaken with the establishment specialized task forces within the IPPC Secretariat, such as the resource mobilization task force. I have also established several standardized operating procedures to optimize internal Secretariat communication and coordination. Further steps to enhance the IPPC Secretariat leading to an efficient, creative and harmonious IPPC team will be undertaken within the near future.

The proposal to observe an International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) has captured the imagination of many of us and has progressed from the initial conception of an idea to a much more substantial initiative. As a matter of fact, the IYPH is one of the most important components for Strategic Planning for the IPPC, i.e ONE IPPC towards 2020. At present, detailed planning is being undertaken to facilitate the steps necessary for official proclamation of the IYPH. As a plant health professional with leading positions in the China National Cotton Research Institute and in the China National Agro-tech Extension Centre of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, I am, like most of you, very much taken with the perspective of promoting plant health as a common public good in 2020.

The IPPC Secretariat has noted the strong wish to observe the IYPH expressed at CPM-10 (2015) and has made some of its extra-budgetary contributions available to further plan the proclamation process. An internal IYPH communications plan has been developed, the IPP adjusted to host an IYPH web-page, presentations have been developed and given to multiple audiences, and an internal seminar on the IYPH was given to interested FAO staff. The IPPC Secretariat will continue to fully support the contracting parties and the CPM wishes to observe the IYPH in 2020.

The extra-budgetary resources of the IPPC Secretariat are, however, not infinite. We have come to the end of the road financially. Our trust funds are depleted and need replenishment before substantial new work can be undertaken. If the international phytosanitary community wishes the IPPC Secretariat to continue its work at a comparable pace, new pledges for resources must be undertaken. Hence, I would like to invite all of you to investigate your possibilities to contribute to the IPPC in the near future. Our specially established resource mobilization task force will be very happy to assist you in any logistical and exploratory inquiry you may have.

Dear Colleagues, it has been my vision to create "one IPPC" - an efficient, creative and harmonious organization ready to enter new challenges presented by global developments. I would like to invite you to participate in the realization of that vision. Let us start working together by preparing and celebrating the year 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health!

Sincerely Yours

Xia Jingyuan