Take Action!


Everyone has a role to play in keeping plants healthy.
We have prepared some ideas and promotional materials to get you started.

Make a #PlantHealth commitment!

Organize an IYPH event

Start planning your IYPH 2020 activity aimed at the general public - marathons, concerts, shows, farmer forums, festivals, fairs or tree planting ceremonies. You could also host a public lecture, panel or round table with government officials, educators, scientists, farmers and private sector representatives. A photo package and set of information materials, to give your event more impact, will be available for download on the IYPH website.

Join the IYPH Photo Contest

Start practicing for the IYPH Photo Contest, set to launch in December 2019, and use your photography skills to promote plant health! The deadline for the contest will be announced shortly and professionals and amateurs alike are encouraged to join! Winning photos, with your name in the credits, will be showcased on the FAO IYPH website and exhibited at FAO headquarters and events around the world.

Feature your story in the IYPH campaign

Stories are a vital part of the IYPH campaign and we are actively looking for stories from government and private sector representatives, teachers, students, travelers, traders, farmers, foresters and citizens from all walks of life. Plant health affects everyone!

Read the MY STORY brief and use the template provided to submit your story. A selection of stories will be featured online and at events and exhibits worldwide. Your story will help make the case for plant health!

Bring the IYPH to your town or city, airport and seaport

You may want to start approaching municipalities, outdoor advertisers, air and seaport authorities, or transportation companies to discuss the possibility of displaying IYPH products - such as the poster, banner or promo video we will be providing - on billboards, in airports, ferry ports, on buses or trams, in city subways, cinemas and more. FAO offices have worked successfully with public and private companies on similar campaigns in the past, mostly on a pro-bono basis.

Young people: save the plants, save the planet!

Include plant health in your lesson plans or calendar of youth activities for 2020 and stay tuned as we prepare to launch the IYPH Activity Book which will be available for download in early 2020.

Schools or youth centres can use this material to educate youth about the importance of plant health and how they can take simple actions to help keep plants safe. They can find out more about the strong links between plant health, environmental protection and climate change - all topics that will affect their future!

Engage the media

Media professionals have the expertise to spread IYPH messages widely and draw attention to plant health issues. Use your media contacts to start spreading the word about the IYPH on talk shows, discussion panels, at press conferences, media briefings and in radio or TV call-in shows.

Tell them about the IYPH photo contest, set to launch in December 2019, and share ideas with the IYPH team on where you can place IYPH multimedia material.

You could even organize a plant health media workshop where journalists have a chance to meet and make contact with plant protection officers, scientists, researchers, etc. We are preparing a "Plant Health for Media Professionals" brief to introduce them to the topic.

Add the IYPH button to your web page

Update your web page with the IYPH button (this will soon be available in six languages) and link it to the IYPH 2020 website. Ask your partners to do the same!

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