PCE The PCE is an interactive tool designed to conduct a situational analysis of the existing phytosanitary system, and to help the NPPO assess its progress over time in the implementation of the IPPC and the international standards on phytosanitary measures. The PCE is aligned with the Phytosanitary Capacity Building Strategy of the IPPC. Other benefits of the tool include:
1. Identification of gaps in the phytosanitary system which need to be addressed.
2. Conducting a stakeholders analysis and keeping track of stakeholders that are relevant in the phytosanitary system of the country
3. Conducting a problem analysis to identify the root cause of the gaps identified
4. Conducting and documenting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the NPPO in managing an effective phytosanitary system.
5. Assist in the development of a strategy to address key weakness identified. The PCE includes a logical framework tool that can be used to generate a strategic framework for enhancing the phytosanitary system in the country.
The PCE is useful as a tool for use by contracting parties to gauge progress of development of the phytosanitary system over time or as a tool to be used by facilitators of donors and technical assistance providers to build or strengthen phytosanitary capacity in countries as needed.
The PCE is meant to be implemented at the pace defined by a country. There is no urgency to complete the PCE when it is used for the purpose of self assessment. A deadline may be needed in the case where a facilitator is engaged or the country requires it in order to develop a strategy or proposals for projects for funding either through the national budget or through other funding sources.
The PCE is modular and the user can select the modules they want to apply or repeat. There is no requirement for a full PCE to be applied every time it is launched.
The PCE can be versioned - new sessions can be created. The selected modules, whether all or a few, must be completed before a new session is made.
Countries may apply it more frequently or less frequently as the case necessitates. The IPPC recommends that the PCE be applied at a minimum interval of 3 years.

See below for a brief description of the PCE process.

I - Configuration

II - Modules

III - Planning

IV - Results