FAO Global Action

In December 2019, FAO launched a three-year Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control as an urgent response to the rapid spread of FAW worldwide. This global initiative aims to mobilize USD 500 million over 2020–2022 to take coordinated measures to strengthen prevention and sustainable pest control capacities at global, regional and national levels. The Global Action for FAW management targets 65 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Near East, which are the regions that are mainly suffering from FAW infestation. Furthermore, the Global Action for FAW prevention targets about 20 countries in Southern Europe, the Near East and South West Pacific where the pest has not been reported yet.

The key objectives of the FAW Global Action are:

  • Establish a global coordination network and regional and sub-regional collaboration platforms on the sustainable management of FAW.
  • Develop the national and community capacity of FAW affected countries on IPM to sustainably manage FAW and reduce crop yield losses.
  • Coordinate the development of improved policies, standards, and measures to reduce the risk of further introduction and spread of FAW to non-affected areas and countries.

The project will cover a three-year period (2020-2022) and mobilize different stakeholders to reduce damages and prevent FAW introduction into new areas. Research institutions, the private sector, South–South Cooperation, Regional and National Plant Protection Organizations and specific FAW Task Forces will be involved to implement the Global Action at the global, regional and national levels.