Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation


UPDATE 12 August 2019: New Submission forms available!

In preparation for the Call for Topics trainings during the IPPC Regional Workshops in 2019, the call for topics submission forms have been revised and simplified. Below you can find:

A template for draft Outlines for Implementation resources (Guides and training materials) is also provided below.

UPDATE 18 April 2019: CPM-14 adopts new topics for the IPPC Work programme

The CPM-14 reviewed the TFT recommendations on submissions for the Call for Topics and adopted them with some amendments as suggested by contracting parties, outlined in Appendix 1 of document CPM 2019/CRP/13 and posted below.

UPDATE 19 February 2019: Task Force on Topics January 2019 Meeting report is posted

The Task Force on Topics met virtually on 22 January 2019 to finalize their recommendations to CPM-14 (2019).

The Report of the meeting is now available here.

The TFT recommendations are presented to CPM in document CPM 2019/22.

The IPPC Secretariat is presenting a document on the impact and benefits of the Call for Topics in document CPM 2019/23.

UPDATE 6 November 2018: Task Force on Topics October 2018 Meeting report is posted

The Task Force on Topics meeting was held at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy from 1-3 October 2018.

The Task Force reviewed submissions to the 2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation and prepared recommendations to the Standards Committee and Implementation and Capacity Development Committee.

The Report of the meeting is now available here.

UPDATE: Submissions received in answer to the 2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

The Call for Topics closed on 31 August 2018.

The IPPC Secretariat received 36 submissions in answer to the call for topics and these are summarized in this document. All submissions received have been posted below (2018-005 to 2018-040).

The submissions will be reviewed by the Task Force on Topics, the Standards Committee, and the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee, who will develop a recommendation for inclusion into the IPPC work programme. CPM-14 (2019) will consider the recommendations and decide on the adoption of the submitted topics.

2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

As agreed by the 13th Session of the Commission of Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), a combined call for topics for Standards and Implementation resources to be included in the IPPC work programme is being made for the first time in 2018. The call is made every two years. The last call for topics (for standards only) occurred in 2015.

The 2018 call for topics: Standards and Implementation starts on 1 May 2018 and ended on 31 August 2018.

Topics being solicited include the following:


  • new topics for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs)
  • new components to existing ISPMs, such as supplements, annexes or appendices
  • revisions or amendments to adopted ISPMs, supplements, annexes, appendices or glossary terms
  • pests for which a new diagnostic protocol should be developed


  • new implementation phytosanitary resources (e.g. guides, workshops, symposiums, training materials, courses, e-Learning modules, procedures)
  • revisions to existing implementation phytosanitary resources

Proposals for Phytosanitary Treatments (as annexes to ISPM 28: Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests) are solicited separately in an ongoing call for treatments.

Submission of Topic proposals:

IPPC contracting parties and Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) are invited to submit detailed proposals for new topics or for the revision of existing material to the IPPC Secretariat.

Please note that CPM-13 requested contracting parties and RPPOs to use the Framework for Standards and Implementation as a reference when responding to the call for topics in order to fill gaps identified by the Framework. Please also note that CPM-11 (2016) agreed that any submission in response to a call for topics should clearly define the problem needing resolution in sufficient detail to determine how it fits into the Framework of Standards and Implementation and the cost/benefit of the development of the standard or implementation tool.

Submissions should be accompanied by a draft specification for standards or a draft outline for implementation resources, and also include a literature review and a justification on how the proposed topic meets the CPM-13 approved criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics.

To indicate a broader need for the proposed topic, submitters are encouraged to gain support from other contracting parties and/or RPPOs and to provide letters of support from them.

Please review the documents below:

  1. Submission form for topics for standards and implementation (En)
  2. Criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics (En, Es, Fr)
  3. Framework for Standards and Implementation (as of CPM-13 2018) (En, Es, Fr, Ru, Ar, Zh)
  4. List of Topics for IPPC Standards

Electronic forms should be saved and submitted as:
2018_TOPIC_ [COUNTRY or ORGANIZATION NAME – Proposed title of topic].docx
All documents must be submitted by the IPPC Official Contact Point, by email to the IPPC Secretariat at [email protected], no later than 31 August 2018 (subject of the message: "Call for Topics - 2018").

Process of the Call for Topics: standard and implementation

After the call closes, the Secretariat will compile the list of proposed work programme topics from the received submissions and post them on the IPP. Submissions from previous calls will not be considered unless resubmitted in 2018. In a process agreed by CPM-13 (see Figure), the Task force on Topics (TFT) will screen the submitted topics against established criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics and develop recommendations to the Standards Committee (SC) and Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) for in-depth review. After evaluating the entire list of submissions and associated recommendations, the SC and IC will recommend topics for the development of standards and/or implementation resources and suggest an associated position in the Framework for Standards and Implementation. The TFT will discuss SC and IC outcomes, agree with and prepare recommendations and priorities to the recommendations to be presented to the CPM for adoption.

Process of Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

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Doc # Topic # Título Files Publication date
04_Other List of topic submissions 2018 En 06 Oct 2018
2018-005 2018-005 2018-005_LK_Glossary term "Harmful organism" En 31 Ago 2018
2018-006 2018-006 2018-006_CAHFSA_ISPM27 Annex: DP "Mononychellus tanajoa" En 31 Ago 2018
2018-007 2018-007 2018-007_AU_Implementation of official control (ISPM 5, Supplement 1) and pest free areas (ISPM 4) En 31 Ago 2018
2018-008 2018-008 2018-008_AU_Development and implementation of regulations and legislation to manage phytosanitary risks on regulated articles for NPPOs En 31 Ago 2018
2018-009 2018-009 2018-009_NAPPO_ISPM 38- International movement of seeds: Annex 1 - Design and use of systems approaches for phytosanitary certification of seeds En 31 Ago 2018
2018-009A 2018-009 2018-009A_letters of support for NAPPO proposal En
31 Ago 2018
2018-010 2018-010 2018-010_US_Glossary term revision "incidence" En 31 Ago 2018
2018-011 2018-011 2018-011_US_Criteria for the determination of host status for fruit flies based on available information (Annex to ISPM 37). En 31 Ago 2018
2018-012 2018-012 2018-012_US_ISPM 15 implementation guidelines for non-compliance En 31 Ago 2018
01_Process 2018-04 Criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics En Es Fr 30 Abr 2018
04_Other Framework for Standards and Implementation
2018-021 2018-021 2018-021_CN_Requirement for phytosanitary certificate on cross-border online-shopping plants, plant products and other regulated articles En 03 Sep 2018
2018-022 2018-022 2018-022_KR_Risk based inspection of imported consignments En 03 Sep 2018
03_List of topics List of Topics for IPPC Standards
2018-022A 2018-022 2018-022_NAPPO letter of support for KR proposal En 03 Sep 2018
01_Process The process of the Call for topics: standards and implementation En 30 Abr 2018
2018-025 2018-025 2018-025_CAHFSA_ISPM 27 Annex: DP "Citrus leprosis virus" En 03 Sep 2018
2018-026 2018-026 2018-026_PPPO_Safe Import of Food and Other Aid En 03 Sep 2018
2018-027 2018-027 2018-027_NZ_Managing non-compliant treated consignments En 03 Sep 2018
2018-028 2018-028 2018-028_NZ_ Developing Phytosanitary Security Procedures En 03 Sep 2018
2018-029 2018-029 2018-029_JP_Guidelines for field inspection En 03 Sep 2018
2018-033 2018-033 2018-033_JP_Symposium on implementation of the Convention and ISPMs En 03 Sep 2018
2018-034 2018-034 2018-034_JP_Advocacy materials on ePhyto En 03 Sep 2018
2017-049 2017-049 2017-049_Plant Pest Surveillance Guide revision En 29 Ene 2020
2018-035 2018-035 2018-035_JP_Revision of ISPM26 : Establishment of Pest Free Areas for Fruit Flies (Tephritidae) En 03 Sep 2018
2017-039 2017-039 2017-039_e-Commerce Guide En 03 Abr 2020
2018-036 2018-036 2018-036_EPPO_Guidance on assessing the risk of introduction of pests with seeds En 03 Sep 2018
2018-037 2018-037 2018-037_EPPO_Guidelines for surveillance of Xylella fastidiosa En 03 Sep 2018
2018-038 2018-038 2018-038_EPPO_Guidelines for inspection of consignments for Xylella fastidiosa at points of entry En 03 Sep 2018
2018-030 2018-030 2018-030_JP_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Psyllid vectors of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum En 03 Sep 2018
2018-031 2018-031 2018-031_JP_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Pospiviroid species (except Potato spindle tuber viroid(DP 7)) En 03 Sep 2018
2018-032 2018-032 2018-032_JP_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Acidovorax avenae subsp. Citrulli En 03 Sep 2018
2018-013 2018-013 2018-013_CN_Guidelines for designing of plant quarantine laboratories En 04 Sep 2018
2018-014 2018-014 2018-014_CN_Guidelines for Phytosanitary of International Mail Items En 04 Sep 2018
2018-015 2018-015 2018-015_CN_ISPM 27 Annex: DP "Cronartium comandrae Peck" En 04 Sep 2018
2018-016 2018-016 2018-016_CN_ISPM 27 Annex: DP "Cernuella virgata (Da Costa,1778)" En 04 Sep 2018
2018-017 2018-017 2018-017_CN_Guidelines for the management of plants and plant products carried by entry passengers En 04 Sep 2018
2018-018 2018-018 2018-018_CN_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Hylotrupes bajulus En 04 Sep 2018
2018-019 2018-019 2018-019_CN_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Meloidogyne mali En 04 Sep 2018
2018-020 2018-020 2018-020_CN_ISPM 27 Annex: DP Pathogenic fungus of Bull’s-eye rot on apple(Neofabraea spp.) En 04 Sep 2018
2018-023 2018-023 2018-023_LY_Smart phone application to monitor Xylella fastidiosa for all relevant stakeholders and a mapping system to follow up on its global distribution En 04 Sep 2018
2018-024 2018-024 2018-024_LY_Pest free olive plants (Olea europaea ) for international trade En 04 Sep 2018
2018-039 2018-039 2018-039_IN_Revision of ISPM 39
2018-039 Draft Specification 2018-039 Submission form
04 Sep 2018
2018-040 2018-040 2018-040_CA_IPPC Guide on the development and implementation of programmes for the authorization of entities to perform phytosanitary actions En 06 Sep 2018
2019-012 2019-012 2019-012_Guide on Contingency planning 12 Feb 2020
01_Process Task Force on Topics
03_List of topics List of Implementation and Capacity Development Topics
04_Other CPM-14 approved topics to 2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation En 18 Abr 2019
02_Submission form Template for draft outlines for Implementation Resources (Guides and training materials) En 19 Nov 2020
02_Submission form Submission form for Topics for Diagnostic Protocols En 12 Ago 2019
02_Submission form Submission form for Topics for Standards and Implementation resources En 27 Oct 2020
Annotated template for draft specifications

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