Support for NEPPO in becoming a RPPO

Publicado on Mié, 02 May 2012, 10:10

The Near East Plant Protection Organisation (NEPPO) was formally recognised as the tenth Regional Plant Protection Organisation (RPPO) under the IPPC on the 23rd of March, on the last day of the Seventh Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary measures (CPM). Since being created in 2009, NEPPO has managed to establish a sound structure, adopted rules and procedures, and established a Secretariat based in Morocco. It has 10 member states and would like to expand the number of contracting parties of the organisation.

In light of the progress that NEPPO has made, the IPPC have created and dedicated a website to this new RPPO:

The website was established to show support for NEPPO in becoming an RPPO and to inform others about its structure and the importance of its work. The content of the site is as follows:

• NEPPO Objectives

• Location of NEPPO

• Structure of NEPPO

NEPPO will continue to develop the website over time which will include the French and Arabic translations of the web pages.

More information, with regards to NEPPO becoming a RPPO can be found at:[showUid]=2181283&frompage=13330&type=news&L=0#item



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