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Implementing the 2020-2030 IPPC Strategic Framework: Considerations from CPM Bureau June 2019 meeting

Publicado on Mié, 26 Jun 2019, 12:47

The June 2019 Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) Bureau meeting. © FAO

14 June 2019, Rome – The Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) Bureau met in Rome from 10 to 14 June 2019 to focus on how to implement the IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020-2030.

The IPPC Secretary Mr. Jingyuan Xia highlighted that when planning activities it was important to link the IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020-2030 and the five-year investment plan. He also stressed the need to mobilize resources for both the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) and the IPPC ePhyto solution work programmes.

Based on the new strategic framework ...

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April 2018 Bureau Report posted

Publicado on Mié, 16 May 2018, 11:52

The report of the April 2018 meeting of the CPM Bureau is now available at the following link:

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Bureau Update

Publicado on Lun, 13 Ene 2014, 18:35

Dear colleagues, It has been some time since the last Bureau update but this does not mean that the work has stopped. I hope you’ve had a good summer or a tolerable winter. This note is to let you know what the Bureau and Secretariat have been doing since the last note and to provide some reminders. Additionally you may want to see the report the Secretariat prepared for October’s Bureau and SPG meeting - I hope you will join me and the rest of the Bureau in welcoming Lesotho and South Sudan as the 180th and 181th member ...

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November Update from the CPM Bureau

Publicado on Vie, 30 Nov 2012, 09:10

Dear colleagues

The CPM Bureau, Finance Committee and the Strategic Planning Group all met in the week of 8-12 October. This note is to give you brief details of some of the items discussed and otherwise to update you on IPPC/CPM issues.

Following the departure of Lois Ransom from her post in Australia and consequent resignation from all CPM bodies, Dr Kyu-Ock Yim of the Republic of Korea kindly agreed to take the role of chair of the Finance Committee. The group discussed the presentation of financial information to the CPM and heard that whilst there is funding available ...

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July Update from the CPM Bureau

Publicado on Jue, 22 Nov 2012, 17:31


This note is to provide information about the recent CPM Bureau meeting and to give some reminders about recent requests.

Two deadlines are approaching, one for treatments to be submitted for possible international recognition and the other for nominations for the Technical Panel on the Glossary.

For phytosanitary treatments data is sought for:

Modified atmospheres and controlled atmospheres for fruit flies
Soil and Growing Media
Irradiation treatments

See The deadline is 1st September 2012.

For the Technical Panel for the Glossary (TPG) we need nominations of French and Arabic speakers. These ...

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2012-10 Bureau Report

Publicado on Mié, 21 Nov 2012, 09:10

The Report from the October 2012 Bureau meeting is now available at the following link:[showUid]=2185748&type=publication&L=0

Kind regards,

IPPC Secretariat

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CPM Bureau update

Publicado on Mié, 04 Abr 2012, 10:10

The CPM Bureau agreed duringits meeting on Friday 23rd March that it would be useful to send out periodic updates and reminders about aspects of the CPM work. We hope you find this useful.

Article XIV Questionnaire

A generic questionnaire covering all Article XIV bodies has now been sent out by FAO Legal to Permanent representatives based in Rome. If youhaven’t received this or been advised by your country’s permanentrepresentative how they intend to handle responses you should get in touch with them. A deadline of 25th April2012 has been set for responses so there is not too ...

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