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Draft Ministerial declaration for CPM-15 open for comments

Publicado on Mié, 03 Jul 2019, 08:46

The draft Ministerial declaration for CPM-15 (2020) is now open for comments

Comments should be submitted through the IPPC Online Comment System (OCS): If you need assistance to use the OCS, please visit the OCS resource page on the IPP or contact the IPPC Secretariat at

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CPM-13 Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection

Publicado on Vie, 27 Abr 2018, 09:44

A Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection was held on 19 April 2018 during the 13th Session of the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures. The Session aimed at promoting the IPPC 2018 annual theme “Plant Health and Environment Protection”. Four speakers briefed the CPM audience and clearly demonstrated the relevance and linkage between plant health, environmental protection, climate change, food security and human health.

  • Prof Vernon Heywood, Emeritus Professor in the University of Reading with his presentation “Environmental protection and sustainability – pies and doughnuts” clearly showed that sustainability of our planet depends on maintaining healthy, functioning and diverse ...

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CPM-13 Side Session on Plant Health and Environmental Protection held at FAO HQs

Publicado on Mar, 17 Abr 2018, 20:31

A successful side session on the 2018 IPPC annual theme “Plant Health and Environmental Protection” was held at FAO Headquarters in Rome on Monday 16 April at the margins of the thirteenth session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13). The session, co-organized by the Secretariats of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), was opened by Dr Jingyuan Xia, IPPC Secretary, with presence of over 120 participants. The high-level speakers included Dr Cristiana Paşca Palmer, CBD Executive Secretary; Dr Kent Nnadozie, Secretary of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and ...

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A Keynote Address on Plant Health and Environmental Protection presented by the CBD Executive Secretary at the CPM-13 Opening

Publicado on Mar, 17 Abr 2018, 11:35

The 13th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13) of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) officially launched on 16 April 2018 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy. Dr Cristiana Paşca Palmer, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), was invited to present a keynote address the 2018 IPPC Annual Theme “Plant Health and Environmental Protection”. The keynote address from Dr. Paşca Palmer was warmly welcome and highly appreciated by all participants of the CPM-13.

In recent year, the IPPC and CBD Secretariats have been working towards globally harmonized measures that minimize the negative impacts pests, invasive ...

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IPPC Secretary’s message on in-depth discussions over the IPPC Strategic Framework

Publicado on Jue, 29 Mar 2018, 13:12

Dear IPPC colleagues,

As you are aware, the thirteenth session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13) is approaching, and will be held at FAO HQs in Rome from 16 to 20 April 2018.

One of the crucial topics in the agenda for CPM-13 is the discussion over the IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020-2030. Contracting parties attending CPM-13 will have a valuable opportunity to provide strategic feedback on this essential document.

This is a valuable opportunity that does not arise often. You are invited to carefully consider the IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020-2030 before your trip to Rome so you ...

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Comité de Finanzas de la CMF - Octubre de 2015

Publicado on Mié, 21 Oct 2015, 10:54

El Comité de Finanzas (CF) de la CMF se reunió en la Sede de la FAO en Roma el 12 de octubre para debatir temas relacionados con las finanzas de la Secretaría de la CIPF y la CMF. El Presidente del CF, Sr. John Greifer FC (EE UU), presidió la reunión. Estuvieron presentes todos los miembros del Comité, así como el Sr. Jingyuan Xia, Secretario de la CIPF, y el Sr. Marko Benovic, Oficial de Finanzas de la CIPF. Los temas del debate fueron: la situación financiera de la Secretaría de la CIPF a partir del 30 de septiembre de ...

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Noticias de la Mesa de la CMF

Publicado on Vie, 18 Sep 2015, 16:17

Agosto de 2015

Estimados colegas:

Antes que nada quisiera expresar mi sincero agradecimiento a las Partes Contratantes y a los Delegados de la CMF-10. Esta fue mi primera reunión de la CMF en calidad de Presidente y sé que no podría tener éxito sin la participación activa y cooperación de todos ustedes. Percibí un cálido apoyo y un vigoroso interés durante la semana de la CMF. Desde la CMF-10 se han celebrado numerosas reuniones y se ha avanzado mucho en las actividades de la CIPF. Me gustaría ponerlos al día brevemente sobre los aspectos más destacados y solicitar su atención ...

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Comments on Proposed draft CPM Recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis for comments to be submitted through OCS

Publicado on Lun, 24 Ago 2015, 16:47

In accordance with the Process for developing and adopting CPM Recommendations as revised by CPM-10 (2015), the IPPC Secretariat has opened the Proposed draft CPM Recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis for comments. Comments should be submitted by IPPC official contact points through the Online Comment System and they are due by 24 November 2015.

More on the Process on CPM Recommendations and the draft can be found at

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Australia actively supporting the objectives and work of the International Plant Protection Convention

Publicado on Jue, 06 Ago 2015, 14:12

Australia’s increased support and involvement with the International Plant Protection Convention has been recognized in Australia and globally. Ms Lois Ransom, a senior Department of Agriculture official, has been elected as the Vice-Chair of the IPPC governing body, the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). In addition to this important position, Australia is also represented on three other key bodies within the IPPC framework. Australian representation in these many positions underscores Australia's commitment to international plant protection.

In his statement, Australia's Agriculture Minister, Mr Barnaby Joyce, congratulated Ms Ransom on this achievement and acknowledged Australia’s agricultural interests ...

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Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources

Publicado on Jue, 23 Jul 2015, 15:04

Following key decisions of the 10th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measure (CPM) in March 2015 and the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) 6th meeting in June 2015 the IPPC Secretariat is issuing a call for the collection of following technical resources:

  • Software applications (including mobile apps) for pest identification, diagnosis, surveillance and other activities related to plant health and targeting different audiences.

  • Plant health risk communication resources (targeting different stakeholders, providing understanding of the specific issues of plant protection and pest risk, promoting and explaining pest management decisions, information and education programmes, different risk communication strategies e.g. during ...

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ISPMs adopted at CPM-10 are posted!

Publicado on Jue, 21 May 2015, 09:56

The IPPC Secretariat is pleased to announce that all ISPMs adopted by the Tenth Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-10 (2015)) have been posted in all FAO languages:

The six ISPMs are:

• ISPM 5 Glossary of phytosanitary terms (as amended by CPM-10)

• The new Annex 3 on Phytosanitary procedures for fruit fly (Tephritidae) management to ISPM 26 Establishment of pest free areas for fruit flies (Tephritidae)

• Phytosanitary treatment 16: Cold treatment for Bactrocera tryoni on Citrus sinensis

• Phytosanitary treatment 17: Cold treatment for Bactrocera tryoni on Citrus reticulata x C. sinensis

• Phytosanitary treatment ...

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IPPC Financial Committee report posted!

Publicado on Mar, 05 May 2015, 11:19

The report from the March 2015 CPM Financial Committee has been posted and is available at For any query or comment regarding the report please contact


El informe del Comité Financiero de la CMF de marzo 2015 se ha publicado y está disponible en Para cualquier consulta o comentario respecto al informe por favor contacte


Le rapport du Comité financier de la CMP en mars 2015 a été publié et est disponible à ...

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Comments by contracting parties to CPM papers

Publicado on Mar, 24 Feb 2015, 11:06

Contracting parties to the IPPC may submit written comments to any of the CPM papers to the IPPC Secretariat via email at The deadline for submitting these comments is March 4th.


Las partes contratantes de la CIPF podrán presentar comentarios escrito a cualquiera de los papeles de CPM a la Secretaría de la CIPF por correo electronic a La fecha límite para la presentación de estos comentarios es el 4 de marzo.


Les parties contractantes de la CIPV pourront présenter des observations écrites aux documents de la CMP au Secrétariat de la CIPV par ...

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The list of adopted DPs is growing! Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) is adopted.

Publicado on Lun, 02 Feb 2015, 10:30

The Standards Committee (SC) on behalf of the CPM has adopted one new Diagnostic Protocol (DP): Annex to ISPM 27. (Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests): Potato spindle tuber viroid. Up to now, seven diagnostic protocols were adopted by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). The list of adopted DPs is posted at

The draft diagnostic protocol (DP) was under the 45-days notification period, which closed on 30 January 2015.

More information about the notification period for this DP is available at

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