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The notification period is now open for two draft diagnostic protocols

Publicado on Mar, 01 Jul 2014, 13:29

Two draft DPs under 45-days Notification period

The Standard Committee (SC) approved, via e-decision, to submit two draft diagnostic protocols (DPs), Phyllosticta citricarpa (McAlpine) Aa on fruit (2004-023) and Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri (2004-011) to the 45-days notification period. Contracting ...

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The Expert Consultation on Draft Diagnostic Protocols is now open!

Publicado on Mar, 23 Abr 2013, 22:51

Expert Consultation on Draft Diagnostic Protocols (DPs) on IPP is now open for: - Anastrepha spp. (2004-015) - Phytoplasma (general) (2004-018) - Tospovirus (TSWV, INSV, WSMV) (2004-019) - Ditylenchus dipsaci and Ditylenchus destructor (2004-017) If you are interested in commenting, please access this page ...

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Mechanism for the requests for Diagnostic Protocol translation into FAO languages

Publicado on Mié, 28 Abr 2010, 10:10

CPM5 (2010) requested the IPPC Secretariat create a mechanism for Diagnostic Protocols to be translated into official FAO languages upon request of the member country so the translation can be made available during the member consultation period.

The CPM5 (2010 ...

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