Calls for nominations for CPM Focus Groups

Once the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) approves the terms of reference for its Focus Groups, the call for nominations is published on the IPPC website to allow contracting parties and regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) to nominate their representatives to be part of the Focus Groups.

The IPPC Secretariat reviews the nominations and submits them to the CPM Bureau for selection assuring gender and geographical balance. The Bureau should endeavor to select one nominee from each FAO region as the regional representative in the Focus Group, aiming to cover as many areas as possible.

Qualified female applicants, qualified nationals of non-and under-represented member nations, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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2022-05 - Calls for nominations for the CPM Focus Groups

The IPPC Secretariat is soliciting nominations for the following CPM Focus Groups:

  • CPM Focus Group on Safe Provision of Food and Other Humanitarian Aid
  • CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers

The deadline to submit nominations via the online automated submission forms is 10 June 2022.

Since the nominations are accepted only from the IPPC contracting parties through the IPPC Official Contact Points (OCPs) or RPPOs, the links and instructions on how to submit the nominations have been moved to the IPP restricted work area, where only the Bureau, IPPC OCPs and RPPOs have access. Please follow this link to proceed with submissions (login required):

If you would like to nominate yourself, please contact your respective IPPC OCP or RPPO to get support and more information on how to proceed with the submission process.


All members should have knowledge of the IPPC’s mandate, strategic framework, and activities!

The IPPC Secretariat will support the CPM Focus Groups meetings. The meetings shall be held in English.

More information is can be found in the Terms of Reference for these CPM Focus Groups that are posted and available at the bottom of this web page.

The Bureau will select the expert based on how closely an expert's skills and experience match the specific expertise:

1. CPM Focus Group on Safe Provision of Food and Other Humanitarian Aid

The purpose of this Focus Group will be to support the objectives of the IPPC Strategic Framework 2020-2030 to enhance global food security and protect the environment from the impacts of plant pests and, where appropriate, environmental pests by:

  • Understanding the concerns raised by the Task Force on Topics (TFT) and contracting parties regarding development of a standard on the Safe Provision of Food and Other Humanitarian Aid and propose solutions for development of the standard, and other supplementary tools, to alleviate the concerns;
  • Outlining the key principles, requirements and other aspects that a standard on the Safe Provision of Food and Other Humanitarian Aid should contain (including the contents of annexes and appendices);
  • Revising the specification for the standard proposed by the Pacific Plant Protection Organization (PPPO) as needed.


The CPM Focus Group on Safe Provision of Food and Other Humanitarian Aid should be skills- and knowledge based with broad geographical and gender representation. The group should be composed of a maximum of twelve members, from both recipient and donor NPPOs, including at least one representative of the Bureau, one of the Standards Committee (SC), one of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) and one from an RPPO from the region that has been recipient of food and other humanitarian aid.

In addition to the twelve members, up to three invited experts from donor agencies (e.g. World Food Program) should also be invited to participate as observers.

The members of this Focus Group should have experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Procurement and the supply of humanitarian aid (aid agency and government);
  • Plant health policy and risk management regulation;
  • Plant health emergency response/management;
  • Clearance of imported goods under emergency or disaster constraints.

2. CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers

The purpose of this Focus Group is to review all relevant materials and recommendations, develop viable options that will contribute to risk management, and provide CPM with recommendations, including the option of development of an ISPM.


This Focus Group will be composed of up to fourteen members taking into account geographical representation and gender balance as follows:

  • Seven members from contracting parties;
  • Two representatives from RPPOs;
  • One representative of the Bureau;
  • One representative of the SC;
  • One representative of the IC;
  • Two representatives (chairperson and a second representative) of the industry advisory body on sea containers.

The members may represent more than one role.

The members should include some of the Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) members and have combined expertise and knowledge in:

  • working with phytosanitary issues related to sea container movement;
  • logistics of sea container movement;
  • phytosanitary import or export systems related to the pest risk assessment and management of regulated articles;
  • existing global and/or regional frameworks for the management of phytosanitary risks; and
  • addressing issues related to reducing the movement of contaminating pests.

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