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Posted below the current procedure manual and the relative annexes.

In 2012, the IPPC Secretariat decided to separate the IPPC Procedural Manual into standalone sections, especially since the standard setting section (Section 3) was changing more constantly than the other sections. The IPPC Procedural Manual for Standard Setting is presented on this web page.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a convenient consolidation of decisions, procedures, practices and forms used in the IPPC standard setting process. The 2017-2018 edition of the manual includes decisions and procedures made up to and including the May 2017 Standards Committee meeting and technical panel decisions made before the end of September 2017. The decisions and procedures described herein are subject to amendment by future revisions. The manual will be revised annually in September to include any new decisions and procedures and to amend existing decisions and procedures as necessary.

For the purpose of clarity, all official text, is in black font. Some procedures and decision of the Commission Bureau and Standards Committee are also are in black font, with details of their source noted. Text that is in blue font is for explanatory purposes only and should not be considered to be official decisions.

Publication history (outlining changes from last edition)

2016-2017 version:

  • Included CPM-11 (2015) adopted Standard setting procedure and updated the Procedure manual throughout accordingly (e.g. deleted section on “editorial team”, modified “availability of standard setting documents”, included additional paragraph in the SC rules of procedure, updated all figures relevant to the process, and edited all sections to ensure consistency in terminology with the new procedure. In this context, a number of paragraphs were moved for better flow, and black vs blue text was checked and corrected where necessary.
  • Deleted Annex 9 as pertaining to “formal objections”.
  • Updated section on IPPC regional workshops.
  • Included note on process for ink amendments in languages other than English.
  • Major reorganization and update of the TPPT section.
  • Updated submission form for topics with consistent and correct wording.

2017-2018 version:

  • Included change from “Regional workshops on draft ISPMs” to “IPPC regional workshops”
  • Updated the procedure for the Language Review Groups
  • Updated the roles and functions of regional plant protection organizations
  • Added a note on regional procedures for the submission of nominations to the Standards Committee
  • Added deadlines for posting papers for virtual meetings
  • Added information on calls for phytosanitary treatments to be posted on the Phytosanitary Resources page, on the TPPT reviewing and categorizing the submitted treatments
  • Modified the note on extending the scopes of irradiation treatments to other genera in the families
  • Modified the submission for phytosanitary treatments and added a submission form for treatments to be posted on the Phytosanitary Resources page

Publication history last updated: 2017-10

This web page was updated on 2017-10-17. For queries or comments regarding the contents of this page, please contact

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Submission form for phytosanitary treatments as "contributed resources" En 09 Fév 2017
IPPC Procedure Manual for Standard Setting (2017-2018) En 17 Oct 2017
Statement of commitment - Standard setting (2015) Link 12 Oct 2015
Criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics (CPM-10, 2015) En Es Fr Ru Ar Zh 30 Jan 2017
Submission form for Topics for IPPC standards En 02 Aoû 2016
Submission form for phytosanitary treatments En 03 Fév 2017
Prioritization Score Sheet for Phytosanitary Treatments En 20 Déc 2012
IPPC Adopted ISPMs Link 23 Mai 2017
IPPC Strategic Framework (2012-2019) Link 23 Mai 2017
CPM Rules of Procedure Link 23 Mai 2017
IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention Link 23 Mai 2017
Language review group process Link 23 Mai 2017
Procédure d'établissement de normes de la CIPV En Es Fr Ru Ar Zh 23 Mai 2017

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