Plant Pest Surveillance

ven, 15 Jui 2018, 11:45

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This resource presents a guide to understanding the principal requirements of surveillance programmes for national plant protection organizations (NPPOs). This resource aims to provide information to support the surveillance activities that NPPOs need to undertake as part of national phytosanitary systems and as obligations under the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). The guide therefore addresses aspects of policy and management, which togehter should outline the rationale for the establishment of a national plant pest surveillance programme. In order to be successful, a programme needs to be underpinned by legislation, effective coordination, management, communication and training.The Plant Pest Surveillance guide is available in English. The IPPC Secretariat welcomes your feedback on this resource. Share how you used it or give comments and suggestions to improve it through a fast and easy two-question survey This will help the IPPC Secretariat and Capacity Development Committee strengthen this and other training resources.

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