Capacity Development Committee (CDC)

The CDC represents a major step forward on national, regional and global cooperation to prevent the spread of pests. This work on capacity development provides a bridge towards implementation of the science-based guidelines that every country in the world can use as a basis to trade efficiently while safeguarding plant resources from the threat of pests.

Increasing the global capacity to protect plant resources is essential to accomplish the IPPC's strategic goals of:

  • Enhancing global food security;
  • Protecting the environment, forest and biodiversity from plant pests; and
  • Facilitating economic and trade development through the promotion of science-based, harmonized standards.

The CDC is comprised of technical representatives from all regions, and they will oversee the development of tools to strengthen global capacity for implementation of the IPPC. For five days the members of the Committee will prepare a long-term work plan with innovative ideas for implementing a globally agreed strategy on capacity development, and serve as a steering committee to guide specific projects.

Doc # Agenda # Заголовок Файлы Publication date
Final Report of the CDC Review En 21 Окт 2015

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