IC Sub-group for Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS)

For more information on the Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS), please visit IRSS page.

This web page describes the IC Sub-group for the IRSS. IC Sub-groups are under the oversight of the IC. Terms of Reference (TOR) approved by the IC for the IC Sub-group on IRSS are posted below. A list of the IC Sub-group for IRSS members is posted below.

The IC Sub-group for the IRSS follows the IC Sub-group Rules of Procedure (ROP), which are posted on the IC Sub-groups & Teams page.

This web page was last updated on 2020-04-01. For further information please contact [email protected].

Заголовок Файлы Publication date
2019-11 IRSS IC Subgroup November Meeting En
2018-09 Report IC Sub-group: IRSS (virtual meeting) En 15 Окт 2018
IRSS IC Sub-group Terms of Reference En 01 Фев 2019
Topics for IRSS Studies and Surveys En 17 Окт 2019
Procedure for Submission of IRSS Topics En 14 Янв 2020

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