Information on the development of the Pest Status Guide (2017-048)

Pest Status Guide: Understanding the principal requirements for pest status determination

The purpose of the Pest Status Guide is to provide general guidance to contracting parties, national plant protection organizations (NPPOs), and national, regional and global level public and private sector stakeholders in determining pest status. The guide will describe the steps that NPPOs should follow when determining the status of a pest and will provide guidance on gathering and evaluating information, assessing sources of uncertainty and how to use pest records and other relevant information to determine whether a pest is absent or present in the area and then to select the appropriate pest status category, as described in the Draft Revision to ISPM 8: Determination of pest status in an area (2009-05). It will also describe how the outcomes of pest status determination may be used to support other key activities such as: preparing regulated pest lists, pest reporting and securing or maintaining market access.

The Pest Status Guide will be finalized and published after the Draft Revision of ISPM 8: Determination of pest status in an area (2009-005) is adopted by the Convention on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM).


The development of this guide is supported by a financial contribution of the European Commission’s project to enhance the implementation of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) (GLO/GCP/725/EC).


The Process for the Development of IPPC Implementation and Capacity Development Guides and Training Materials outlines the stages, methods and processes that guide the development and revision of implementation resources under the auspices of the IPPC Secretariat.

Completed activities

2018-05: Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) added the Pest Status Guide to the List of Implementation and Capacity Development Topics (priority 2)

2018-11: IC Lead for the Pest Status Guide identified

2019-02: Pest Status Guide added to IPPC Secretariat Workplan: Implementation and Facilitation Unit

2019-04: Call for experts and technical materials: IPPC Guide on Pest Status

2019-07: Members for Working Group selected by IC

2019-07: IC approves the Draft Outline for the Pest Status Guide (2017-048)

2019-09: Pest Status Guide Working Group meeting in Rome, Italy; report posted below

2019-12: Initial draft of the Pest Status Guide completed

2020-01: Call for case studies related to Pest Status determination

2020-02: IC, Standards Committee and IPPC Secretariat comment period on the Draft Guide closed

Implementation and Capacity Development Committee Lead:

  • Mr Francisco GUTIERREZ (BLZ)

Implementation and Facilitation Unit Lead:

  • Ms Barbara PETERSON

Working group members

  • Mr Ebenezer ABOAGYE (GHA)

  • Mr Dominic EYRE (GBR)

  • Mr Nelson LAVILLE (DMA)

  • Ms. Guadalupe MONTES (ARG)

  • Ms. Wendy ODGERS (AUS)

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2019-09 Report of the Working Group for the development of the Pest Status Guide En 25 Окт 2019

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