CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers


In 2015, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) agreed on a five-year hiatus from pursuing the development of a global standard on sea containers. Some contracting parties and several regions were not ready to continue the development of a draft International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM). There were various operational, legal, and practical issues that were thought to exceed national plant protection organization (NPPO) capacity and/or authority. It was agreed that after five years and based on the Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) analysis of the impact of the complementary actions recommended by the CPM on reducing pest risks associated with sea containers, the CPM would re-consider the need for developing a standard. More recent concerns related to “contaminant” and quarantine pest detections in containers continue to highlight the urgent need for a global solution. The SCTF has made good progress in some areas, but other activities have become complex and have not been fully realized or completed. While there is a recognized need to manage the risks associated with sea containers, the path forward is still unclear. The final report from the SCTF makes several recommendations that need to be considered. It is also expected that a workshop, to be held in 2022, will provide some recommendations.

CPM-15 (2021) discussed how best to move forward on the work related to the SCTF, whose mandate was ending at the end of 2021. CPM requested the SCTF to develop a draft Terms of Reference for a CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers.

CPM-16 (2022) made amendments to the draft terms of reference for the Focus Group based on some amendments proposed by one CPs. The proposed purpose, membership, functions, and duration of the Focus Group are described in the Terms of Reference.


The purpose of the CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers is to review all relevant materials and recommendations, develop viable options that will contribute to risk management, and provide CPM with recommendations, including the option of development of an ISPM.

This Focus Group has been formed following the outcomes of the Call for nominations and the CPM Bureau decision. The Terms of Reference for the CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers and its membership are posted below.

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