Capacity development

Phytosanitary capacity development

Contracting parties to the IPPC agree to promote the provision of technical assistance to other contracting parties with the objective of facilitating the implementation of the Convention. In particular, the Convention encourages support to developing countries in order to improve the effectiveness of their National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) and increase the potential for them to realize the benefits of safe trade. The Convention also encourages participation in regional plant protection organizations as the basis for cooperation in achieving the aims of the IPPC at the regional level.

Support for FAO technical cooperation programmes (TCP)

  • Capacity building and strengthening plant protection infrastructures
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Updating legislation

Multidisciplinary and multinational collaboration through FAO or other organizations.

  • Plant, animal and human health policy alignment and upgrading.

For additional information contact the IPPC Secretariat.

标题 Files Publication date
Global Workshops to Help Countries Implement Phytosanitary Standards En 13 三月 2012
Aquatic Plants - Their Uses and Risks Link 15 十月 2013
Final 2nd Report of the Expert Working Group on Phytosanitary Capacity Development En 15 十月 2013
Global Review ISPM6 Presentation CPM7 En 15 十月 2013
IPPC National Phytosanitary Capacity Development Strategy En Es Fr 15 十月 2013
Report of the Preparatory Meeting for the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) En 07 六月 2017

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