International Cooperation

The IPPC recognizes the importance of maintaining strong links with regional and international organizations that share common interests. These relationships can range from informal, flexible arrangements to highly defined relationships.

Partnerships are based on the full sharing of risks, resources and responsibilities and the IPPC Secretariat has strong partnerships with all Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) in facilitating contracting parties to implement the IPPC. The IPPC Secretariat has also fostered partnerships with some International Organizations: Codex Alimentarius and Convention on Biological Diversity. Discussion with other Organizations are ongoing.

Information on the IPPC organizations which the IPPC Secretariat Cooperates and Liaises is posted on the IPP on the Liaison page. The explanation of the interactions with various organizations is further defined in CPM-9 (2014) paper CPM 2014/21 Rev. 1 . Those organizations not listed above who wish to establish such a relationship with the IPPC Secretariat should submit a written proposal to the IPPC Secretariat. This request will be considered by the Secretariat, with input from the CPM Bureau, to examine new proposals on a case by case basis, using the criteria and processes provided in CPM 2014/21 Rev. 1, paying special attention to the resources available to the Secretariat for engaging in any proposed relationship.