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Draft Ministerial declaration for CPM-15 open for comments

Posted on 星期三, 03 七月 2019, 08:46

The draft Ministerial declaration for CPM-15 (2020) is now open for comments<...

CPM-13 Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection

Posted on 星期五, 27 四月 2018, 09:44

A Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection was held on 19 April 2018 ...

CPM-13 Side Session on Plant Health and Environmental Protection held at FAO HQs

Posted on 星期二, 17 四月 2018, 20:31

A successful side session on the 2018 IPPC annual theme Plant Health and Environmental Protect...

A Keynote Address on Plant Health and Environmental Protection presented by the CBD Executive Secretary at the CPM-13 Opening

Posted on 星期二, 17 四月 2018, 11:35

The 13th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13) of the International Pla...

IPPC Secretary's message on in-depth discussions over the IPPC Strategic Framework

Posted on 星期四, 29 三月 2018, 13:12

Dear IPPC colleagues,

As you are aware, the thirteenth session of the Commission on Phy...

CPM Financial Committee - October 2015

Posted on 星期三, 21 十月 2015, 10:54

CPM Financial Committee (FC) met at the FAO-HQ in Rome on 12 October to discuss finance relate...

Message from the Chairperson of CPM Ms. Kyu-Ock YIM

Posted on 星期五, 18 九月 2015, 16:17

Update from the CPM Bureau

August 2015



Comments on Proposed draft CPM Recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis for comments to be submitted through OCS

Posted on 星期一, 24 八月 2015, 16:47

In accordance with the Process for developing and adopting CPM Recommendations as revised by C...

Australia actively supporting the objectives and work of the International Plant Protection Convention

Posted on 星期四, 06 八月 2015, 14:12

Australia s increased support and involvement with the International Plant Protection Conventi...

Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources

Posted on 星期四, 23 七月 2015, 15:04

Following key decisions of the 更多阅读

ISPMs adopted at CPM-10 are posted!

Posted on 星期四, 21 五月 2015, 09:56

The IPPC Secretariat is pleased to announce that all ISPMs adopted by the Tenth Commission on ...

IPPC Financial Committee report posted!

Posted on 星期二, 05 五月 2015, 11:19

The report from the March 2015 CPM Financial Committee has been posted and is available at 更多阅读

Comments by contracting parties to CPM papers

Posted on 星期二, 24 二月 2015, 11:06

Contracting parties to the IPPC may submit written comments to any of the CPM papers to the IP...

The list of adopted DPs is growing! Potato spindle tuber viroid PSTVd) is adopted.

Posted on 星期一, 02 二月 2015, 10:30

The Standards Committee (SC) on behalf of the CPM has adopted one new Diagnostic Protocol (DP)...


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