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CPM Financial Committee - October 2015

Posted on 星期三, 21 十月 2015, 10:54

CPM Financial Committee (FC) met at the FAO-HQ in Rome on 12 October to discuss finance related topics of the IPPC Secretariat and CPM. The FC Chair Mr. John Greifer (USA) chaired the meeting, with presence of all FC members as well as Mr Jingyuan Xia (Secretary to the IPPC) and Mr Marko Benovic (IPPC Finance Officer). Discussed topics included: the financial situation of the IPPC Secretariat as of 30 September 2015, resource mobilization efforts, the International Year of Plant Health (IY...

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Message from the Chairperson of CPM Ms. Kyu-Ock YIM

Posted on 星期五, 18 九月 2015, 16:17

Update from the CPM Bureau

August 2015


First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Contracting Parties and delegates of CPM-10. It was the first CPM for me as a chairperson and I know it would not be successful without your active participation and cooperation. I felt warmly supported and a strong collective interest to move issues and decisions forward throughout the CPM week. Since CPM-10, there have been many meetin...

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Comments on Proposed draft CPM Recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis for comments to be submitted through OCS

Posted on 星期一, 24 八月 2015, 16:47

In accordance with the Process for developing and adopting CPM Recommendations as revised by CPM-10 (2015), the IPPC Secretariat has opened the Proposed draft CPM Recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis for comments. Comments should be submitted by IPPC official contact points through the Online Comment System and they are due by 24 November 2015.

More on the Process on CPM Recommendations and the draft can be found at ...

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Australia actively supporting the objectives and work of the International Plant Protection Convention

Posted on 星期四, 06 八月 2015, 14:12

Australia’s increased support and involvement with the International Plant Protection Convention has been recognized in Australia and globally. Ms Lois Ransom, a senior Department of Agriculture official, has been elected as the Vice-Chair of the IPPC governing body, the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). In addition to this important position, Australia is also represented on three other key bodies within the IPPC framework. Australian representation in these many positions unde...

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Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources

Posted on 星期四, 23 七月 2015, 15:04

Following key decisions of the 10th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measure (CPM) in March 2015 and the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) 6th meeting in June 2015 the IPPC Secretariat is issuing a call for the collection of following technical resources:

  • Software applications (including mobile apps) for pest ident...

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    ISPMs adopted at CPM-10 are posted!

    Posted on 星期四, 21 五月 2015, 09:56

    The IPPC Secretariat is pleased to announce that all ISPMs adopted by the Tenth Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-10 (2015)) have been posted in all FAO languages:

    The six ISPMs are:

    • ISPM 5 Glossary of phytosanitary terms (as amended by CPM-10)

    • The new Annex 3 on Phytosanitary procedures for fruit fly (Tephritidae) management to ISPM 26 Establishment of pest free are...

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    IPPC Financial Committee report posted!

    Posted on 星期二, 05 五月 2015, 11:19

    The report from the March 2015 CPM Financial Committee has been posted and is available at For any query or comment regarding the report please contact


    El informe del Comité Financiero de la CMF de marzo 2015 se ha publicado y está disponible en Pa...

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    Comments by contracting parties to CPM papers

    Posted on 星期二, 24 二月 2015, 11:06

    Contracting parties to the IPPC may submit written comments to any of the CPM papers to the IPPC Secretariat via email at The deadline for submitting these comments is March 4th.


    Las partes contratantes de la CIPF podrán presentar comentarios escrito a cualquiera de los papeles de CPM a la Secretaría de la CIPF por correo electronic a La fecha límite para la presentación de estos comentarios es el 4 de marzo.


    Les parties contra...

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    The list of adopted DPs is growing! Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) is adopted.

    Posted on 星期一, 02 二月 2015, 10:30

    The Standards Committee (SC) on behalf of the CPM has adopted one new Diagnostic Protocol (DP): Annex to ISPM 27. (Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests): Potato spindle tuber viroid. Up to now, seven diagnostic protocols were adopted by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). The list of adopted DPs is posted at

    The draft diagnostic protoc...

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    Update from the CPM Bureau

    Posted on 星期三, 17 九月 2014, 11:22

    Septembre 2014

    Chers collègues,

    Depuis la neuvième session de la CMP qui s’est tenue en début d’année, de nombreuses réunions ont eu lieu et les activités de la CIPV ont également progressé. J’aimerais donc vous présenter brièvement les dernières évolutions importantes et solliciter votre attention ainsi que votre participation.

    1. Bureau

    Le nouveau Bureau a tenu sa réunion ordinaire de juin, à laquelle les sept régions et le Secrétariat ont participé ...

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    CPM Bureau started its June meeting 2014

    Posted on 星期二, 24 六月 2014, 16:50

    The first day of the 4-day CPM Bureau meeting (24-27 June 2014) started with a discussion of various issues, in particular standard setting. The meeting is being led by the new Chairperson, Ms Kyu-Ock Yim, with the three new members also fully involved. Another core issue to be discussed is the improvement of overall IPPC implementation.

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    Enthusiastic response and contributions after CPM-9

    Posted on 星期三, 30 四月 2014, 16:59

    During the 9th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-9), a number of contracting parties expressed great interest to assist the IPPC Secretariat in their goal to harness additional resources. The Secretariat is proud to announce that their presentation elicited a positive and enthusiastic response.

    With outstanding contributions from member countries such as the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Canada, and the United States, the Secretariat will ...

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    New CPM Chairperson!

    Posted on 星期二, 08 四月 2014, 12:46

    The Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, the CPM governing body of the International Plant Protection Convention, welcomes Ms. Kyu-Ock Yim, from the Republic of Korea and very active member of the phytosanitary community, who has been elected as the new Chairperson of the CPM. Mr. Peter Thomson (New Zealand), representing the Southwest Pacific region, was elected as the Vice-Chairperson of the CPM Bureau.Ms. Yim has represented Asia on the CPM Bureau for four years, and has served as the ...

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    The Commission on Phytosanitary Measures Opens for its 9th Session

    Posted on 星期三, 02 四月 2014, 09:47

    On the first day of the ninth session of the Commission of Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-9) at the Headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Commission was welcomed by the Assistant Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organizations, Mr. Ren Wang, and with a video welcome from Mr. Nathan Guy, Minister of Primary Industries of New Zealand (

    Mr. Ren Wang emphasized the importance of the role of the IPPC in developing and implementing globa...

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