Theme of 2015 Mid-year Meeting of the IPPC Secretariat: Strategic Planning on IPPC and Renewing of its Secretariat

Posted on 星期五, 31 七月 2015, 10:55

The 2015 Mid-year meeting of the IPPC Secretariat was held on 28 July at the HQ-FAO in Rome. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary, with participation of all Secretariat staff. Team Leaders, Brent Larson, David Nowell and Orlando Sosa, made presentations of their work in the respected teams, and Craig Fedchock, the IPPC Coordinator, delivered a report on the important Secretariat issues. All staff in the Meeting actively shared their review and put forward valuable suggestions on the Theme of the Meeting. At the end, The Secretary made concluding remarks, highlighting three important points as follows:

1. Main Achievements of the First Semester, including six highlights: (1) In Governance/strategy, the CPM-10 was successfully held, with new standards adopted, the IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation taken into consideration and the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) promoted; the Bureau endorsed the implementation of the IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation; and the Finance Committee identified resource mobilization as an urgent priority. (2) In Standard setting, a successful SC meeting ensured that 9 draft ISPMs are out for member consultation and good progress is being make in the area of new treatments and diagnostic standards. (3) In Implement, facilitation and support, new project are being initiated and older projects completed; IRSS becomes more important to increase capacity and to support surveillance pilot project; and there is increasing engagement from contracting parties to meet their NROs and in the area of dispute avoidance. (4) In Communication and advocacy, the revised IPP was launched; and a wider range of IPPC stakeholders are being reached with an increase in the frequency and timeliness of news. (5) In Partnerships and liaison, a Task Force Team for Resource Mobilization has been established; and the Secretariat is engaging and renewing a range of partnerships (internal and external). (6) In Internal management, a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been established for the Meetings, Seminar, Minutes and Chronicles; and the team/culture building has been strengthened toward One IPPC.

2. Core Activities for the Next Semester, covering six tasks: (a) planning and organizing CPM-11 (2016), Bureau, SPG, SC, SBDS and the TC of RPPOs; (b) implementing standard setting work programs, and stressing expert input and consultation; (c) carrying out pilot surveillance project and PCE training of trainers, and organizing the ePhyto global workshop, NRO quality control and dispute avoidance; (d) re-designing IPPC homepage, developing more advocacy materials, and completing seven IPPC regional workshops; (e) stressing resource mobilization by effectively replenishing the IPPC Trust Fund, and underscoring the internal coordination within the Secretariat and FAO as well as the external cooperation with a range of international organizations; (f) laying out and implementing of Action Plan on the IPPC Enhancement Evaluation.

3. The Theme of the Meeting. In terms of Strategic Planning on IPPC, the Secretary highlighted four aspects, (a) increasing in overall capacity to implement the Convention; (b) strengthening internal coordination within IPPC and external cooperation with relevant international organizations (professional and financial); (c) focusing on Standard Setting, Implementation Facilitation, and Integration and Support; and (d) providing better service and support to Food Security, the Protection of Biodiversity, Environment Safety, and Trade Safety. Regarding Renewing of the IPPC Secretariat, the Secretary stressed four elements: (1) moving towards ONE IPPC; (b) increasing in internal cohesion and external influence; (c) taking the actions of reshaping the structure, regrouping the responsibilities, and renewing the operational mechanism; (d) showcasing the new structure, new mechanism, new performance, and new image.

Finally, Dr. Xia urged all staff of the IPPC Secretariat to work hand in hand and side by side in order to move IPPC and its Secretariat towards a bright future.

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