2014 June Call for participants for Expert Consultation on phytosanitary treatments for the Bactrocera dorsalis complex

Posted on خميس, 19 يونيو 2014, 11:48

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat is soliciting nominations for qualified experts and scientists to participate in the Expert Consultation on Phytosanitary treatments for Bactrocera dorsalis complex. Invited experts would be expected to share an overview of treatments they have developed and through discussion, participants should be able to identify and agree how to address the main issues in the development of B. dorsalis complex treatments such as experimental design, statistical analyses, confirmatory trials, treatment evaluation and treatment submission. Also, experts are expected to present their data and participants will analyse commonalities between data. To help facilitate this process, experts should also consider the results of the Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments held in 2013 to gain experience in how this group identified global issues affecting the development of phytosanitary cold treatments.

For more information please use the link

Nominations are due 15 September 2014

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