Extended Deadline on the Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources (in any languages) directed to RPPOs and NPPOs.

Posted on خميس, 22 نوفمبر 2012, 21:01

NPPOs in developing countries often lack the technical capacity to carry out their functions effectively and to implement their obligations under the IPPC and the ISPMs. This leads to weak phytosanitary systems that are unable to effectively protect agriculture and plant resources from pests and diseases.

The IPPC Secretariat, with financial support from the STDF, has started a project to develop basic technical resources necessary for performing critical tasks associated with protecting plant health. These technical resources include manuals, standard operating procedures and training kits. The project aims at development of at least 20 technical resources that may be adopted by developing countries and used where appropriate.

In addition, these phytosanitary technical resources will function as an essential building block for the Implementation and Review Support System (IRSS) Help Desk. Also, by populating the IPP Resources page, these technical resources could become more available and useful to phytosanitary communities all over the world.

The IPPC Secretariat therefore invites all RPPOs and NPPOs to contribute Technical Resources such as tools, training/course materials, presentations, photos, videos, e-learning, manuals, guidelines, SOPs, advocacy materials, completed PRAs and other such materials that may be useful for phytosanitary capacity development.

The IPPC Secretariat intends to make these technical resources available to the phytosanitary community through the Resources Page of the IPP and to use them for the development of generic “IPPC” resources. For this purpose the resources will be reviewed by technical experts, selected by the IPPC Secretariat.

All submitted technical resources should include the following information:

Title and description, date of publication, author/editor/organization providing the resource. Contact information: name, full mailing address, telephone and/or fax numbers and e-mail address. Agreement that your contribution can be published on the IPP Resource Page. Any comments you may have of relevance. Please contribute the above information by using the following link: http://tiny.cc/tecnicalresources

In addition, we invite you to post the technical resource through the upload link provided or provide us with a web link/address to the resource. Please note that the Phytosanitary Technical Resources can be in any language, including non UN languages. Please ensure that it^^s electronically and that the title and content/description of each resource is translated into a UN language, English preferable.

We encourage you to respond positively to this call by 30th of October 2011.

For questions, please contact us by email [email protected] or telephone +39 0657053768

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