Planning & Budget

The work programme of the IPPC Secretariat is set by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) and funded by FAO Regular Programme Budget and Trust Fund resources (extra-budgetary) provided by Contracting Parties and International Organizations. Budgets are developed annually by the IPPC Secretariat in consultation with the CPM Bureau and its Financial Committee (FC) . At each CPM session, CPM adopts the financial report for the previous budget year , notes the regular programme budget and approves the Special Trust Fund of the IPPC (Multi-donor) budget and work plan for the year ahead.

IPPC Secretariat is committed to provide financial transparency of its activities to the Contracting parties and other stakeholders and is devoted to sound financial management of the resources made available to the Secretariat. On a quarterly basis, IPPC Secretariat briefs the FC on the current financial position of the IPPC Secretariat and informs the FC about other relevant financial issues of the Secretariat. A special Task Force for Annual Work Plan and Budget has been established within the IPPC Secretariat in 2015 to facilitate the budget development process and to make sure budgets are set within limits and deadlines are met.

Approximately half of the IPPC Secretariat budget is provided by the Contracting Parties . Without this generous support, CPM work programme could not be implemented in full. Therefore, Contracting Parties are invited to continue and expand their budgetary support to the IPPC Secretariat.