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Phytosanitary border inspection

Phytosanitary inspection (FSI) in Bosnia and Herzegovina in transboundary plant products traffic as well as inside of country, is triparted segment:

  • FSI in Republic Srpska (RS) is organizated in Republic Directorate of RS for inspection;
  • FSI in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) is organizated in Federal Directorate for inspection and
  • Sub-department for inspection activities in Brčko District They are responsible for menagement and work of Phytosanitary Inspection for inspection on the bordes and inside of country

  • FSI is performing helth control to the plants, plant products and regulated objects,seed and planting material, means for protection wich are importing, exporting, reexporting and distributed across the BiH teritory.

  • By carring out the Procedure on the Border crossing they conduct protection of domestic production, market and consumers. The RS/FBiH inspectorate and the sub-department for inspection activities in Brcko District are responsible for the management and operation of phytosanitary inspections, at border crossings as well as the implementation of supervision within the national territory. The role of the border inspectors is to conduct health control of plants, products of plant origin, facilities, seeds, seedling that are imported, exported, re-exported or transported through the territory of BiH. The protection of the domestic market (production and consumer protection) is achieved through the implementation of procedures at the border crossings.

Phytosanitary inspectors carry out the following examinations: - documentary check (validity of phytosanitary certificates); - identification check; - transport vehicle examination; - examination of the health condition of plants and, when required, the taking of samples following the removal of vehicle seals by the Customs; - issuing phytosanitary certificates for consignments of plants/plant products exported/re-exported from regulated facilities in BIH (if required by the importing country or country of transit).

A by-law on traded wood packing material has been adopted and is being implemented at FBOs. By complying with the undertaken obligations at the international level, in accordance with ISPM 15 and in order to enable equal status on the world market for our business people, Bosnia and Herzegovina has embedded the guidelines for accepted standards in the form of the Rulebook on phytosanitary requirements for wooden packaging material in international trade (Official Gazette of BiH, number: 71/05, 24/08 and 60/12). ISPM 15 is being implemented in BiH since 2005.

Imports may take place through the following locations:

Brcko district BiH:

BC Brcko bridge, road traffic BC Brcko river, river traffic BC Brcko railway station, railway traffic

Republic of Srpska:

BC Gradiška, road traffic BC Šamac, road traffic BC Rača, road traffic BC Karakaj-Novi Most, road traffic BC Vardište, road traffic BC Klobuk, road traffic BC Dobrljin, railway traffic BC Šamac, railway traffic BC Rača, railway traffic BC Zvornik, railway traffic BC Šamac Port, river traffic BC Mail-traffic centre, Banja Luka BC Mahovljani Airport, airport traffic

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

BC Doljani, road traffic BC Gorica, road traffic BC Kamensko, road traffic BC Izačić, road traffic BC Bosanski Šamac, road traffic BC Orašje, road traffic BC Airport and Customs Postal Service Sarajevo, airport traffic

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