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Implementation of ISPM 15 in Sweden

Publication date
Country implemented ISPM 15 for imports
  • نعم
Implementation version
  • 2002
  • 2009
Country implemented ISPM 15 for exports
  • نعم
Implementation version
The ISPM No.15 mark is registered as a trade mark
Description of the mark

The mark shall have a frame shaped like a rectangle or square and contain a vertical line that separates two fields. The left field will contain IPPC logo and the right shall include company registration number (XX-000) and a code of the treatment provided (YY). The Company registration number consists of the country code (Sweden SE) followed by a unique code for the company. The registration number and code for processing may be printed on one, two or three lines. If the registration number and code of the processing is written on the same line, they should be separated by a hyphen. The outer frame may be rounded. Smaller gaps may be in the frame, in the vertical line and in the other components of the label, to enable stencilling. If necessary because of the shape of the part of the wood packing material to be marked, the IPPC logo may be placed horizontally. The brand's size and font may vary.

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