Trinidad and Tobago Legal Notice 333 - The Plant Protection (Exemption from Import Permit) Order 2020

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In accordance with ISPM 32, the commodities have been processed to the point where they do not remain capable of being infested with quarantine pests. Hence, no phytosanitary measures are required (no requirement of plant import permit) and such a commodity will not be deemed to require phytosanitary certification with respect to pests that may have been present in the commodity before the process.

The importation of any of the following articles is exempt from the requirement for a permit under section 3 of the Act: (a) Herbs and Spices produced from multi method processing/ sterilization/cooking; (b) Oats produced from multi method processing/cooking; (c) Flour and Industrial products made of cereal, (vegetable, wheat, legume, maize, peas, beans, oil seeds and oleaginuos fruits); (d) Maize produced from multi method processing/sterilization; (e) Nuts/Ground nuts (roasted, blanched or sterilized whether chopped, shelled, dried or peeled); (f) Rice (Parboiled) whether polished, white, brown, semi-milled, wholly-milled, broken; (g) Bran and other by-products derived from milling and multi method processing; (h) Malted barley and malt; (i) Animal feed produced from multi method processing; (j) Fruits produced from multi method processing or preserved in liquid, sugar infused or tenderized; (k) Tapioca; (l) Medium/High Density Fibre (MDF/HDF) Board and Particle board; (m) Plywood; (n) Wooden casks, barrels, vats, tubs, corks, wood chips (BBQ) produced from multi method processing; (o) Peat moss produced from sterilization/multi method processing, whether black peat, white peat, cocopeat, white and brown sphagnum peat; (p) Roasted coffee beans, whether whole or ground; (q) Granulated Onion and granulated garlic produced from multi method processing; and (r) Flowers (preserved in liquid and dried).

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Ms. Deanne Ramroop Deputy Director Research Crops Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries Research Division, Central Experiment Station, Caroni North Bank Road, Via Arima Post Office, Centeno, Trinidad and Tobago Phone: 1 868 642 6008 Mobile: 1 868 753 0949 Fax: 1 868 642 6008 Email: [email protected] Alternate Email: [email protected] Preferred languages: English Website:
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The Plant Protection (Exemption from Import Permit) Order, 2020

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