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Implementation framework for the IPPC capacity building strategy drafted by OEWG

Posted on جمعة, 18 ديسمبر 2009, 09:10

An Open-ended Working Group to finalize the operational plan and develop an implementation framework for the IPPC capacity building strategy was held at FAO Headquarters from 7 - 16 December 2009. This OEWG carried forward the work on the IPPC capacity ...

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New IPPC website released

Posted on سبت, 12 ديسمبر 2009, 09:10

The new site retains the URL from the previous website and contains all of the content that was available in the old website. While these aspects remain the same, you will find that in many other respects the website has ...

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Information exchange workshop with the NPPO in Libreville , Gabon

Posted on أحد, 06 ديسمبر 2009, 09:10

In November 2009, a workshop was held in Libreville, Gabon, with the aim of increasing familiarity with the Convention and the information exchange obligations identified in the Convention. Participants included the IPPC Contact Point, inspection agents from the ports and ...

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