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Side events during CPM-6 to feature capacity building and other activities

Posted on جمعة, 25 فبراير 2011, 09:10

Side event discussionsDuring CPM-6, sixteen side events are scheduled to take place in the Mexico and Lebanon rooms.

Click here to open the schedule of side events.

Several of the side events will focus on capacity building activities in the different regions. Others will cover pest diagnostics, the new guide to the implementation of phytosanitary standards in forestry as well as resource mobilisation. Side events on Friday will demonstrate the International Phytosanitary Portal and the prototype of the Online Comment System.

Tuesday through Thursday (15-17 March) the side events are planned for lunch time (13:15-14:45) and the time ...

وسوم: CPM 6CPMCapacity BuildingSide Sessions
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Poster session to be held during CPM-6 will highlight tools for plant protection

Posted on جمعة, 25 فبراير 2011, 09:10

Poster sessionThe list of posters that will be presented in the atrium during the sixth session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures has been finalized and is now available on the IPP.

Click here to view the list.

Seven NPPOs and six international organizations have indicated that they will present posters and provide publications on topics such as pest surveillance, tools for pest diagnostics, pest risk analysis, food security and capacity building initiatives.

Delegates attending the CPM are encouraged to visit the atrium to see the posters.

وسوم: CPM 6CPMPoster SessionToolsPlant Protection
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EU continues to provide support to developing country participation

Posted on جمعة, 04 فبراير 2011, 09:10

CPM participantsThe International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), hosted by FAO, aims to facilitate trade in agricultural products while preventing the spread of pests. Exporters, such as those of vegetables and fruits in developing countries, depend on international rules such as the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) to be able to access markets such as Europe or North America. It is an important area as international agricultural trade is worth around US$600 billion a year and pest damage to crops worldwide runs into billions of dollars.

“Everyone who is going to do international trade will have to follow the ...

وسوم: EUSupportDeveloping Countries
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EU increases funding to support the implementation of the IPPC

Posted on أربعاء, 02 فبراير 2011, 09:10

The European Union (EU) has contributed €400,000 to the IPPC Secretariat to support the development of the Implementation Review and Support System of the IPPC. The donation, from the EU Directorate General for Trade, will finance the Implementation Review and Support System in 2011 and additional funds should be necessary to complete the initial three year cycle of the IRSS.

The IRSS will have two primary components:

Implementation review system – to monitor the fulfilment of reporting requirements of contracting parties through the IPP and evaluate the implementation of other non reporting obligations under the IPPC.

Implementation support system – through ...

وسوم: EUSupportIPPC
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Support from the Norwegian government helps ensure that evening sessions can be held at CPM-6

Posted on ثلاثاء, 01 فبراير 2011, 09:10

Evening session during CPM-5. Photo by Stephanie Dubon.During each session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, much of the in-depth discussions necessary to carry out the mission of the IPPC and move the CPM work programme forward take place outside of the Plenary. Evening sessions play a vital role in providing CPM members an opportunity to have open exchanges and reach agreement on topics that generate a high level of interest. To ensure maximum participation, interpretation is provided in all FAO languages. At previous CPMs, evening sessions have been instrumental to ensuring that consensus is possible in order to ...

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