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CPM-13 Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection

Posted on جمعة, 27 إبريل 2018, 07:44

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A Special Topics Session on Plant Health and Environment Protection was held on 19 April 2018 during the 13th Session of the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures. The Session aimed at promoting the IPPC 2018 annual theme Plant Health and Environment Protection. Four speakers briefed the CPM audience and clearly demonstrated the relevance and linkage between plant health, environmental protection, climate change, food security and human health.

  • Prof Vernon Heywood, Emeritus Professor in the University of Reading with his presentation Environmental protection and sustainability - pies and doughnuts clearly showed that sustainability of our planet depends on maintaining healthy, functioning and diverse ecosystems including the plants as a main element of securing the food for globally increasing population that expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030.

  • The importance of Plant Health to the Human Health was illustrated by Dr Geoffrey Donovan, Research Forester, from Forest Service, Portland, Oregon, USA, who linked the highest infested US States by the Emerald Ash Borer with the higher levels of human deaths linked to cardiovascular and lower-respiratory diseases.

  • The linkage between the plant health and environment and trade clearly presented by Dr Kyu-Ock Yim, IPPC CPM Bureau Member and Senior Researcher in Dept. of Plant Quarantine, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of Republic of Korea, through the case of Pine Wood Nematode in South Korea, where pine trees are cultural, historical and ecological cornerstones. Containing the Pine Wood Nematode has cost over $600 million in 20 years, nevertheless the loss of forest and crop and indirect ecological, social and environmental impacts which are not easily estimated.

  • The impacts of the Climate Change on Plant Health in Pacific Islands that led to loss of coastal infrastructure and land, devastation of mangroves, natural forests, pest and disease outbreaks, and transboundary movement was presented by Dr Viliami Kami Viliami, IYPH Steering Committee Member and Head of Quarantine and Quality Management Division of Tonga,

The session was concluded with fruitful discussion and emphasis on the need for joining global efforts and continued collaboration at national, regional and global level for maintaining healthy plants, protected environment and safe trade.

PPT presentations are available in the publications section at this link.

The recording of this side session is available here.

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