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Expert working group maintains momentum for phytosanitary capacity development

Posted on جمعة, 12 نوفمبر 2010, 08:10

Group phot of the EWG As agreed at the 5th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, an expert working group (EWG) was convened 25 - 29 October at FAO Headquarters in Rome to review and refine the phytosanitary capacity development operational plan. Experts from Australia, Côte d''Ivoire, Jamaica, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sudan and the United States of America participated. The EWG analyzed the operational plan presented to CPM-5 and proposed improvements. The final version of the operational plan will be produced at the next EWG meeting in 2011. The EWG agreed that it was important to maintain the momentum generated by the adoption of the IPPC Capacity Building Strategic Framework at CPM-5 and that several initiatives are already on-going or could be undertaken immediately. The selected priorities and activities for immediate action include the following: 1. Field test and implement the revised Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE). 2. Develop tools and guidelines for preparing national phytosanitary action plans 3. Develop a training of trainers programme. 4. Expand the phytosanitary capacity building databases 5. Develop a roster of experts by discipline and skills. 6. Begin to identify, and collect if appropriate, technical resources (manuals, training materials as PowerPoint s presentations, courses, links, etc.). 7. Initiate the Implementation Review and Support System and ensure sustainability. 8. The development and distribution of IPPC-related advocacy materials. 9. The mobilization of resource for capacity development activities. The EWG will prepare a paper containing recommendations on the possibility of forming an additional IPPC Subsidiary Body on Capacity Development to be presented to the SPTA for their consideration in 2011, which will then be presented to the CPM in 2012 for their consideration. The EWG conducted a SWOT analysis on the establishment of such a body, discussed the possible objectives/scope of the body, its possible structure and membership, and likely terms of reference and rules of procedures. The EWG will continue as a virtual working group until the next meeting. Subjects to be explored further include: the IPPC global strategy (to be presented and considered by CPM-6) to ensure that the capacity development strategy formerly adopted by CPM-5 in 2010 is compatible and to make sure that the future global work plan in capacity building is appropriately aligned develop a summary of the capacity building strategy to be used for advocacy/training. explore mechanisms to improve and increase awareness of phytosanitary capacity building efforts e.g. the establishment of an annual award or awards to recognize plant health related capacity building efforts over the course of a year. provide advice on the development of the databases on phytosanitary capacity development projects and a roster of phytosanitary experts A follow-up meeting regarding capacity building is tentatively proposed for May 2011, with Jamaica, Rome or Washington as possible venues, subject to funding avialability.

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