IPPC faces critical financial situation in 2011

Posted on جمعة, 15 أكتوبر 2010, 10:10

The IPPC is currently facing a budget crisis. The 2011 budget estimates (USD) required to operate a similar work programme to that in 2010, are $4,947,000. The funds available at the moment for 2011 are $3,701,000, meaning the anticipated shortfall is $1,246,000.

In light of the current situation, the Chairperson of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures has sent a letter seeking support to all contracting parties of the Convention. Click on the attached files below to read the letter.


The Bureau, reflecting the discussions in the SPTA on which work has the highest priority, in particular the need to keep the work on standard setting moving forward, has decided that the available funds will be used for these main items: - a basic CPM meeting; - a May SC7 meeting; - a November SC7 meeting and - a small resource mobilisation programme.

To allow minimum work on these priorities to continue, the following programme reductions have been made: - reducing the CPM to eight sessions, with no evening sessions; - cancelling the two full SC meetings, with only the SC7 meetings instead of the SC; - cancelling four technical panel meetings, and - reducing to a minimum, the work in information exchange and capacity building programmes.


If extra budgetary funds are received, some activities could be reinstated, for example extra-budgetary funds would facilitate: - evening sessions for CPM to discuss draft standards ($50,000); - a full SC meeting in November ($130,000) and - Technical Panel meetings, including consultant support ($150,000).

This is the minimum funding required to continue the standards setting programme and contracting parties are invited to also contribute to the capacity building, information exchange and resource mobilisation programmes.

If these activities are to be reinstated, financial contributions will need to be committed by 1 December 2010.


The Bureau recognises that this critical situation will only be partly solved for this year by additional contributions and wishes to see the finances of the IPPC on a long-term sustainable basis. The Bureau is considering medium and long-term plans to try to solve the funding problems of the IPPC. Whilst the Secretary is working to develop a long-term resource mobilisation strategy, and the Secretariat is working to develop a Communications Strategy which will raise awareness and emphasise the importance of the IPPC, the Bureau is considering:

  • whether a financial agreement under Article XVI of the IPPC (Supplementary Agreements) is workable for countries which wish to offer extra-budgetary contributions on a regular basis
  • a possible amendment to the convention text itself in future to include a financial instrument similar to that of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources and other Articles XIV bodies.

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